Charity Meets Crypto: The Monkeys Token Revolution

By NewsBTC July 16, 2023 In Cryptocurrencies

Nestled in the vibrant world of cryptocurrency, a new star is born – Monkeys Token, where charity meets crypto. Monkeys Token is the brainchild of a charismatic founder and project manager, affectionately known as Monkey Man. When it comes to navigating the unpredictable tides of the crypto seas, Monkey Man is a modern-day Odysseus, having dipped his toes into the cryptocurrency world in 2012. With a treasure trove of experience, Monkey Man set sail on an uncharted course, blending altruism with the dynamism of cryptocurrency. His vision wasn’t limited to just financial growth, but was deeply rooted in the spirit of giving. Monkeys Token is built with community, innovation, and charity, destined to cut through market trends with grace and purpose.

Monkey Man’s dream was galvanized by an interesting observation – Elon Musk’s Midas touch. Whenever Elon, the crypto maestro, tweets, tokens ripple. Monkey Man, with his perceptive eye, noticed how meme coins, especially those named or hinted at by Musk, tend to see a cascade of investments. He realized that Monkeys Token had immense potential to surf the waves of virality. Not one to miss the tide, he gathered a spirited community, known as the Tribe, and steered Monkeys to a secure contract. This promising beginning was, however, met with skepticism and resistance, as Monkeys Token had initially been started by a scam deployer.

Imagine the Herculean task of winning the trust of investors, asking them to believe in a stranger’s word. But Monkey Man, with his unwavering dedication, proved to be the anchor in turbulent waters. His transparency, integrity, and focus on long-term strategies were the North Star guiding Monkeys Token to calmer seas.

This isn’t just another cryptocurrency floating in the ether. Monkeys Token is a rallying cry for the tribe; it’s a meme with a dream. Its partnership with Michael Robison, the founder of and a TikTok content creator known as SpiderMonkeyWinston, has propelled Monkeys Token toward a philanthropic horizon. Robison’s is a beacon of hope that aims to raise the standard of care for non-human primates and forge nurturing relationships between animals and humans.


Monkeys Token and are charting unknown territory by bridging the gap between the digital space and real-world impact. They are building the first-ever all-inclusive animal sanctuary and mental health facility in Tennessee. Their vision sails further with ambitions to go global, creating a safe haven for animals and humans alike. A recent acquisition was made that will grow their reach by over 11 million followers. The popular TikTok account @mojothemonkey and all associated social medias have been transferred to Robison as of the writing of this article. The partnership aims to establish an all-inclusive animal sanctuary and mental health facility in Tennessee, a tangible manifestation of the Monkeys Token vision.

In addition he has onboarded Tha PieceMakerz, an established production team in the music industry led by SG-1 and Sly ” Pyper” Jordan, to produce a next level extraordinary sound by using an instrumental kit of monkey sounds. Production has begun as they plan to release singles as soon as July. Tha Piecemakerz songwriting credits include the hit songs “Kush” – Dr Dre, “Beautiful Girls” Sean Kingston, “Fastlane”- Eminem * Royce Da 5 9, “Bounce” Timbaland Feat. Missy Elliot, Dr Dre & Justin Timberlake, “Fire” – 50 cent Feat. Young Buck & Nicole Scherizinger among many others.Also part of our in-house production team is RIAA certified platinum and Billboard #1 producer “AB”. He has worked with notable acts in the industry such as NBA Youngboy, Kodak Black, Rich the kid, Lil Kim, Soulja Boy, Gunna & more. He is helping to build a fresh new soundscape piggybacking on monkey and jungle themes.

But wait, there’s more! A film crew spent 20 hours with Robison at his home in early June to document his standing within the primate ownership and care

In August, a second crew will begin filming a docuseries highlighting Robison and many others that have made impacts not only on animal welfare but people’s. Details have not been revealed just yet. It appears major streaming platforms are involved in these productions.

As Elon Musk’s “Monkeys” list on Twitter waits for its golden moment, the Tribe is poised for a new dawn. Monkeys Token’s innovative tokenomics ensure a sustainable and secure ecosystem. With its deflationary taxes and strategic measures to thwart profiteering bots, Monkeys Token is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a community. Monkey Man’s tireless endeavors to educate and protect investors from scams through his telegram channel further bolster this sense of community.

It’s not just about the financial gains; it’s about creating an edifice of hope, support, and care. When Monkeys Token basks in the spotlight, it won’t just be a victory for investors; it will be a clarion call for a community that stood by its convictions and dared to dream.

With Monkeys Token, Monkey Man and the Tribe are doing more than just investing; they’re creating a legacy.

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