Cardano Partners With Huawei to Extend Blockchain Reach, Will ADA Price Respond?

By Aaron Feuerstein April 12, 2024 In Blockchain, Cardano
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  • Emurgo and Huawei partner, aiming to extend Cardano blockchain’s reach through Huawei Cloud.
  • The collaboration focuses on enhancing Cardano’s scalability and presence in Asia Pacific and Africa.
  • This partnership marks a significant step in expanding Cardano’s ecosystem, amidst privacy concerns with Huawei’s global operations.

Chinese Telco giant Huawei will soon become a partner of Emurgo to extend the reach of the Cardano blockchain. Huawei Cloud will “extend support for a Cardano Validator Node on the Huawei Cloud,” a press release read.

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Through their partnership, Cardano developers expect to gain access to Huawei Cloud’s vast resources, enhancing Cardano’s Web3 solutions’ scalability and reach via Huawei’s Marketplace, one of the world’s largest cloud computing platforms.

Emurgo said the collaboration with Huawei would span across the Asia Pacific and Africa regions:


This milestone marks the first step towards a larger collaboration between EMURGO and Huawei as the former expands the Cardano ecosystem in major regional economies across Asia Pacific and Africa.


Who is Emurgo?

Emurgo, one of several founding arms of Cardano, drives the blockchain’s adoption with over 3,000 stake pools globally, facilitating secure and liquid staking for users.

With a strong presence in Africa through Adaverse and Emurgo Africa, and an expanding footprint in the Asia Pacific, including Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Japan, Emurgo aims to boost Cardano’s commercial growth through partnerships, investments, and infrastructure development since its establishment in 2015 in Japan.

The deal with Huawei is significant, as the company’s standing is comparable to that of US tech giants like Amazon, particularly in the Asia and Pacific region.

Although initially perceived as bullish news – given Huawei’s US$1 trillion (AU$1.5 trillion) valuation and reach of 3 billion people – some in the Cardano community were not so sure. Some pointed out that Huawei has a difficult relationship with the United States and the European Union over privacy concerns.

ADA’s Price Reacts – Sort Of

Whether the news is actually good or bad for Cardano – increased reach on one side, potentially attracting government scrutiny on the other – ADA’s price was just as undecided.

Over the past 7 days ADA has moved more or less sideways, trading for US$0.58 (AU$0.88) last week and today. An indication perhaps that maybe investors themselves are not sure about the development.

Cardano (ADA), 7-day graph, source: CoinMarketCap

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Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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