Blockchain, Crypto, IT Jobs in Demand as Gov Directs $800 million Toward Digital Tech

By Sam Town October 12, 2020 In Australia, Crypto News, Jobs

Demand for skilled IT workers in the blockchain, crypto, and tech sectors has increased dramatically ahead of the Australian Government’s commitment to direct $800 million toward digital technologies as part of a detailed coronavirus economy recovery plan.

The Federal Government announced the new tech spending initiative earlier this month, highlighting the importance of helping Australian businesses recover from the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Data published by the Australian Computer Society indicates that Seek, one of Australia’s most popular online job platforms, has revealed a four percent month-to-month increase in the number of tech and ICT jobs advertised. Developers, business analysts, and helpdesk works are the most in demand.

Statements released to ACS by Melbourne-based crypto exchange BTC markets demonstrate that the Australian blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is thriving, with crypto ventures taking on new staff rapidly. Speaking to ACS Information Age, BTC Markets CEO Caroline Bower noted that the Australian crypto exchange’s team had expanded dramatically.


“We’ve directly hired four software engineers plus a project manager for our development team during COVID lockdown. We’re still looking to make additional hires”

Morrison Government Directs Millions Toward Blockchain Development 

The Australian Government’s investment in the tech sector is set to be established in the 2020 budget, with the Morrison Administration setting aside over $256 million for a digital identity solution designed to streamline interaction with Australian Government services.

The quarter-billion dollar initiative is closely linked to recent recruitment executed by the Australian Government for the new blockchain roadmap, which has seen two working groups developed in order to develop blockchain-based solutions for credentialing and identity management in the public sector. 

In addition to the large-scale identity management project, the new budget will set aside $6.9 million specifically for blockchain projects aimed at minimizing business compliance costs.

Government announcements regarding the budget have highlighted economic recovery through technological agility, focusing on minimizing administrative friction. 

“The Plan supports Australia’s economic recovery by removing out-dated regulatory barriers, boosting the capability of small businesses and backs the uptake of technology across the economy”

Sam Town

Sam Town

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