Bitcoin Analyst Ben Cowen Reveals What’s Next For BTC Dominance After Recent Rally

By Aaron Feuerstein February 29, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
  • Ben Cowen is a staunch advocate for Bitcoin, emphasising its importance for maintaining portfolio value amidst the crypto market’s volatility.
  • He highlights the superior performance of Bitcoin over altcoins using Satoshi valuations to demonstrate Bitcoin’s growing relative value.
  • Cowen advocates for cautious speculation in altcoins, underlining the long-term trend of altcoins reverting their value back to Bitcoin.

Anyone ever watching a Ben Cowen video or reading one of his posts would have noticed this analyst really likes Bitcoin. And I mean he really, really likes it—so much so that his viewers and followers sometimes jokingly beg him not to talk about Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) anymore. In a recent video he explained why BTC.D is so important.

Why Bitcoin Dominance Matters

Cowen’s take is that being bullish on Bitcoin, or having a ‘Bitcoin heavy’ portfolio, isn’t just about playing it safe—it’s about smartly navigating the crypto waters with a keen eye on the long game. He’s not overly fussed about the occasional altcoin making waves because his primary goal is to preserve the Satoshi value of his investments.

As he puts it: 

I’d rather preserve the Satoshi evaluation in my Portfolio and that is exactly what I’ve done.

Ben Cowen

This approach has allowed him to maintain value in a market where altcoins can be as volatile as the British weather.

Source: Benjamin Cowen/ YouTube

BTC vs ADA—The Gloves Come Off

Cowen offers an intriguing perspective on how to measure this value preservation through the lens of Satoshi valuations against altcoins like ADA, highlighting a trend where Bitcoin consistently outperforms these alternatives.

“So, let’s look at it…today 80,000 [1 BTC = 80,000 ADA]. So, what is the trend, right? What is the trend? It’s going up,” he notes, showcasing how Bitcoin’s relative value has increased even when altcoins have had their moments in the sun.

ADA/BTC, source: Benjamin Cowen/ YouTube

Speculate on Alts, But Do It in Moderation

Cowen isn’t dismissive of altcoins but suggests a cautious approach:

I’m not saying you can’t speculate on alts…but you have to understand that over a long period of time a lot of these altcoins end up bleeding back into Bitcoin, especially during a tightening cycle.

Ben Cowen

His strategy underscores a broader view where Bitcoin’s dominance isn’t just a fleeting phase but a fundamental aspect of the crypto market’s dynamics that offers a safer haven for those looking to preserve value over time.

He wraps up with a critical view on the speculative nature of betting on altcoin seasons, emphasising the importance of understanding market momentum and the fallacy of trying to predict the peak of Bitcoin’s dominance.

Cowen’s candid reflection, “momentum is a hell of a thing and it’s hard to fade that,” encapsulates his philosophy towards crypto investment, advocating for a Bitcoin-centric approach as a means to safeguard the Satoshi valuation of one’s portfolio against the unpredictable tides of the crypto market.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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