Australian Based Startup Swyftx Has Record Breaking Growth in 2020

Since launching in 2017, Australian based Crypto Exchange Swyftx has seen unprecedented growth due to their innovative approach to business and fantastic user support.

The Swyftx platform currently supports over 60,000 users and has introduced heavy infrastructure optimisations to support expected growth in 2021.

We have seen an incredible amount of new users to the Swyftx platform in 2020 and judging by the early indications, we expect 2021 to be even bigger.

Chris Vanek – Swyftx Chief Marketing Officer

Excellent User Support

We believe one of the main reasons Swyftx has been so successful, is that they provide excellent user support (Trustpilot).


During the busy period in January 2021 we saw over 2,500 support requests in a single day!

Chris Vanek – Swyftx Chief Marketing Officer

It is quite impressive how they can maintain high support standards even under pressure as they scale up with thousands of support requests per day.

Swyftx is Innovating How Australians Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

With over 230 coins and tokens currently supported on the Swyftx platform (and more being added frequently), there is certainly no lack of buying options.

They are also constantly introducing new features for their platform to enhance the user experience. For example: Instant Deposits and Withdrawals, Crypto Bundles, Telegram Support Group, Low Market Volume Warnings, Dashboard Customisation and User Interface improvements.

Swyftx also have security very high on their list, and encourage all users to use cold wallets to store their crypto.

Be sure to check out our Review of Swyftx Exchange for more information and how to get started with them.


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