Australian Analyst Michael Pizzino Says This Bull Market Will Be Different

By Aaron Feuerstein February 22, 2024 In Bitcoin, Bull Run, Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin’s price soared in February, with gains over $10,000, highlighting a potential acceleration in the current market cycle despite a lack of significant retail interest.
  • Analyst Michael Pizzino stressed the importance of short corrections for the health of the accelerating bull market and cautioned against getting too caught up in the hype.
  • Pizzino pointed out the emergence of crucial sell signals and the importance of trend analysis, noting market indecision across multiple time frames.

Cycle Speeding Up – Without Retail Interest

In a recent video seasoned analyst Michael Pizzino spoke about the difference we are just witnessing in the current crypto market cycle from previous ones. February witnessed a notable surge in Bitcoin’s price, with an increase of over $10,000, marking one of the most substantial monthly gains in the currency’s recent history.

So, if we are to see a strong monthly close, we’re basically speeding up the magnitudes of the move.

Michael Pizzino

Pizzino noted that this is happening despite retail interest still not back, but he believes search volume will be back up significantly before the cycle peaks.

Source: Michael Pizzino/ YouTube

Short Sharp Corrections on The Horizon

Pizzino’s market analysis continues with an accelerating bull market characterised by shorter corrections, a pattern indicating nearing cycle peaks with substantial price moves.

He says it’s critical to have corrections for market health, urging caution and objective analysis amidst current market hype. The analyst remains focused on providing insights as the market evolves, particularly watching for the impact of retail influx and market structure on future movements


This approach underlines the importance of not getting overly excited by rapid gains and maintaining a balanced perspective on market dynamics.

So, it will be an interesting one to track to see if we do get a flood of retail and if corrections continue to get short.

Michael Pizzino

“Indecision Across Multiple Time Frames”

The analyst discusses a crucial sell signal that has emerged, emphasising the importance of trend analysis in market movements. He highlights the use of the TIA Gann Swing Indicator for understanding trends across multiple timeframes, noting that the daily trend has been positive since February 2nd.

Source: Michael Pizzino/ YouTube

The discussion also covers the dangers of trading against the trend due to its potential to continue longer than expected. A specific pattern indicating the possibility of a major reversal involves a series of consecutive bars in a single swing.

Despite this, Pizzino maintains the significance of adhering to the trend until clear evidence of a reversal is present. He distinguishes between short-term trading strategies and long-term investment approaches, stressing the need for adaptability in response to changing market trends.

Furthermore, he observes market indecision, reflected in conflicting trends across different timeframes, leading to a period of sideways movement in the market since February 14th.

But really what this is telling me is the indecision in the market between people who trade on different time frames.

Michael Pizzino

The analyst looks for signals of market strength or weakness around key levels to gauge future movements, underlining the importance of continuous trend monitoring and strategic flexibility in trading and investing.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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