Crypto Banter Reveals Why This Bull Run Could Make More Millionaires Than Ever

By Aaron Feuerstein February 16, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
  • Ran Neuner suggests this crypto bull-run could be unprecedented in scale and potentially the last of its kind.
  • The current bull market is distinguished from past ones by a shift from leveraged speculation to institutional investment.
  • The trend away from retail-driven, speculative trading to strategic macro asset allocation by global financial institutions marks this bull market’s stability and maturity.

This time is different, for sure. How many times have you heard that before? What if, this time it is really true? What if this bull run could be the biggest and last of its kind? Popular crypto analyst Ran Neuner says it may well be the biggest of all bull runs we are about to see.

While in the past, the former CNBC analyst wasn’t sure we would see a bull run that could outshine the 2021/22 bull market, now he says he feels very different about it. In his recent video he did not hold back with this bullish view and spilled the beans why he believes we are in for a major run.

It’s going to be a very, very, very, very different bull market. I can’t stress to you how different this bull market is going to be. You can actually start seeing it. You can start seeing it in the way that the cycle is playing out.

Ran Neuner

This Time It’s Institutional Investment Over Leveraged Speculation

Crypto Banter argues that the current crypto bull market is fundamentally different from the previous ones due to the sources and nature of the investment capital.

In the 2020-2021 bull run, the market was primarily driven by leverage, which means a lot of the investment was made with borrowed money. Examples include Three Arrows Capital borrowing to invest in GBTC, Terra Luna issuing stablecoins and buying Bitcoin, and MicroStrategy acquiring Bitcoin through debt.


This led to a market that was highly leveraged and thus more susceptible to volatility and corrections when those leveraged positions were unwound.

Source: Crypto Banter/ YouTube

In contrast, the current bull market is characterised by direct asset allocation from major financial players. Instead of relying on leverage, there is a significant shift towards macro asset allocation.

This involves portfolio managers, pension funds, and wealth managers around the world allocating portions of their portfolios to crypto, viewing them as the fastest-growing asset class over the last decade.

No Longer about Degens Living on Crypto Twitter

Neuner says this shift indicates a more stable and institutionalised market with investments based on strategic decisions rather than speculative borrowing. Therefore, he argues this time, the bull market is believed to be driven by substantial, long-term investment from major financial institutions, which could potentially lead to a more sustainable and less volatile market growth.

This time it’s not based on leverage and specifically leverage by a small bunch of crypto degens living on crypto Twitter trading behind each other. This time is different. This time the bull market is actually driven by macro asset allocation. All the portfolio managers in all the world, all the pension funds in the world, all the wealth managers in the whole world, all allocating a little bit of their supply to the fastest growing asset in the last 10 years.

Ran Neuner

Aaron Feuerstein

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