Aussie Tech Startup ‘Tokenized’ Launches API to Help Developers with Smart Contracts

Tokenized is an Australian startup aiming to change the way capital markets work by leveraging blockchain and smart contracts. It has recently launched its API that allows anyone to plug into its service to use smart contracts and tokenised instruments.

Smart Contract API for Developers

The API for Tokenized, a smart contracting platform believed to be the “first practical step forward towards building out a smart contract-based global financial system”, has been made available. The platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will release a host of services for users who want to build “banking-grade, and feature-rich, apps with embedded smart contracts and token services”.

Building Your Business on the Blockchain

The platform fully utilises the Bitcoin SV network for its low transaction fees and high transaction throughput at 10,000 transactions per second, allowing both public and private entities as the basis for its blockchain-based applications. It joins the ranks of other Aussie companies leveraging the BSV network, such as Progressive Minerals, a mining company using the Bitcoin SV network (BSV) to build its new blockchain-based infrastructure.

The platform allows users to draft, manage, and execute smart contracts with no code. Some of the features even allow for the recovery of users’ funds if they lose their keys through an identity and authority oracle.


Users can build a business, brands, or even a front-end supported with all the associated Bitcoin, token, smart contract and compliance-related tech. There are various built-in security add-ons such as KYC, multifactor authentication systems, vaults, and lockboxes to assure the safety of future users.

Who Can Benefit From Tokenized?

Tokenized is capable of working with any organisation, or individual, around the world interested in issuing smart contracts and tokens on a distributed ledger.

The Tokenized platform’s design has been generalised to account for all of the key features required of any type of agreement and the associated legal instruments. In other words, any use case that requires entities working together can benefit from utilising the solution.

James Belding, CEO, Tokenized

Any business that would like to issue digital assets (loyalty points, coupons, tickets, etc) to improve customers’ user experience can benefit. The interoperability of an on-chain token system can open up new ways of engaging and rewarding customers on social media while lowering engagement resistance.

Example of an event ticket smart contract being drafted.

Tokenization is an increasingly useful solution for businesses to distribute digital or even real-world assets. Property in Australia has recently been tokenised in an attempt to lower barriers to entry for investors.

Robert Drage

Robert Drage

Robert is a freelance researcher, with a background in information science currently interested in blockchain technology and technical developments in the field.

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