Aussie Analysts Miles Deutscher and Jason Pizzino Reveal What Could Make You Rich in a Bull Market

  • Deutscher and Pizzino discuss key crypto trends that dominate and outperform in the current market cycle.
  • Render is spotlighted as a pivotal AI coin, while PEPE emerges as a strong performer among meme coins.
  • Deutscher emphasises that altcoin investments must outperform Bitcoin to justify their risks and potential rewards.

Miles Deutscher and Jason Pizzino, two well-known Australian crypto analysts, recently collaborated on a YouTube video. Pizzino, a macro-trader and Deutscher, an altcoin specialist, sought to merge their trading philosophies.

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They identified several narratives which are crucial for the current bull market – because as Deutscher said, you want to be in the right narratives to make the biggest gains:

So typically, what we see cycle to cycle is you have two to three leading narratives in the market which are dominant throughout the cycle and these tend to outperform. This cycle, however, there is a new crop of narratives and trends that are starting to emerge that are clear out-performers.

Miles Deutscher

AI Coins: The Forefront of Innovation

AI coins have emerged as frontrunners this cycle, enhanced by real-world applications and technological advancements. Render is mentioned as a crypto project that has relatively well performed against Bitcoin. Pizzino said:


Render/ BTC looks very good. It’s gaining a lot of strength versus Bitcoin which means it’s doing much better than Bitcoin in a Bitcoin season.

Jason Pizzino

Deutscher added that Render can be seen as a measure to track how well the crypto-AI sector is performing.

“AI is exponential because AI actually trains itself, and as these models get better, the hype and attention in the mainstream media towards AI is going to be immense”, he added, highlighting the sector’s potential for explosive growth.

Source: Jason Pizzino via YouTube

The Resilience of Memecoins

Despite scepticism about their long-term viability, memecoins continue to capture investor attention. Coins like PEPE and WIF have shown remarkable resilience and interest.

Pizzino, keen to look at some technical strength and weaknesses of the discussed tokens said:

I need your top five so that we can absolutely destroy them or fall in love with them.

Jason Pizzino

Both agreed that WIF looks weak from a technical analysis point and PEPE is the better memecoin option.

“Pepe is certainly the stronger one… it’s running right now because it’s more of an ETH beta”, added Deutscher.

Holding BTC Can be Better Choice for Average Investor

Deutscher pointed out that ultimately an investor in altcoins always competes with Bitcoin because “if you’re not outperforming Bitcoin, that’s very bad Risk-Reward because you could have just been sitting in Bitcoin and chilling because alts come with a lot of stress and risk”. 

So at the end being in risky altcoins, compared to the perceived superiority of Bitcoin, needs a reward for those risks, otherwise “that’s a sub optimal investment decision”.

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Aaron Feuerstein

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