Are LSTs the latest attraction for these protocols? This data suggests…

By AMBCrypto July 18, 2023 In Lido DAO Token
  • Interest in LSTs starts to rise as interest in the LStfi tokens starts to grow.
  • Protocols such as Binance and Lido stand to benefit from the surge in interest in the sector.

Over the last few months, the Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) sector has taken the DeFi market by storm as its domination reached new highs. As a result of this, interest in various Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) began to rise.

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More room for LSTs

Tom Wan, an analyst at 21Co, suggested that there is considerable potential for growth within the LSTfi sector. Currently, this sector represents only 4.5% ($871 million) of the total Assets Under Management (AUM) of Ethereum LSTs, which amounts to $19.3 billion.

The top performers in this sector were LybraFinanceLSD, holding $378 million, CurveFinance’s crvUSD with $98 million, and eigenlayer with $89 million. These figures indicated the current standings within the LSTfi sector and highlight the room for further expansion and development.


Source: Dune Analytics

He believes that more LSTs would have been integrated into the LSTfi ecosystem in the future, with particular attention on fast-growing LSTs like Binance’s wBETH and Swellnetworkio’s swETH.

In the past 30 days, wBETH experienced a growth of 28%, while swETH surged by an impressive 50%. The integration of LSTfi is expected to further propel the growth of these LSTs, adding to their already significant momentum.

This integration has the potential to enhance liquidity, accessibility, and exposure for these LSTs. It can also attract more users and investors to participate in the LSTfi ecosystem.

Source: Dune Analytis

The growing interest in the LST’s may improve the state of the protocols associated with them as well. At press time, the activity on the BNB protocol had declined by 5.6% over the last week, impacting the revenue accrued by it as well. As interest in its wBETH rises, the overall activity on the protocol could see a surge.

Source: token terminal

How is LDO doing?

Coming to LSD protocols, Lido continued to dominate the sector as interest in stETH grew. The Lido token benefitted greatly from that as the price of the LDO token also grew in the last few days. However, the network growth of the LDO token declined during the last few days, implying that new addresses had started to lose interest in LDO.

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Another cause of concern would be the declining whale interest in LDO indicated by the decreasing percentage of LDO being held by large whales.

Source: Santiment

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