Crypto Banter Unveils Top Altcoins Poised for Profits in Upcoming 3 Wave Bull Market

  • Ran Neuner questions if celebrity engagement in crypto signals a market peak, urging caution.
  • Neuner’s strategy: Keep trading simple, focus on Ethereum and prominent tokens like ARB and OP.
  • Crypto Banter’s approach includes stages of Ethereum cycle investment and selective memecoin inclusion.

Cryptomanran, the host of Crypto Banter, aka Ran Neuner in his daily life, says celebrities flooding into crypto could be a bad thing – maybe signalling a top.

Is this a top signal? Should we be starting to get out of the market or is this actually good for crypto?

Ran Neuner

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In a nutshell, here is Banter’s trading strategy: “Don’t be too smart in this market.”

What he means by that is, don’t overcomplicate things. Neuner and his team believe retail investors will come back and invest into Ethereum, not diving too deep into other altcoins.


They don’t have all the resources. They don’t know who to follow on Twitter.

Ran Neuner
Source: Crypto Banter via YouTube

Crypto Banter Says Several ETH Waves Will Break: First Wave

According to Neuner and his team, retail investors will return and invest in Ethereum, not delving too deeply into other altcoins. The first wave will see the long-established tokens soar – the household names, so to speak.

Coins of interest here are ETH (obviously), Arbitrum (ARB), Optimism (OP), Aave, Pendle, LidoDAO and ENS the Ethereum Name Service.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed naming system on the Ethereum blockchain that converts human-readable addresses into machine-readable codes and vice versa. It aims to make the Ethereum-based web more accessible, similar to the Internet’s Domain Name Service (DNS).

Of course, Banter also has memecoins PEPE and Mog Coin in his bag – no memecoins? Unthinkable…

Why that selection you ask?

We are just looking for the obvious ones. Because what’s going to happen is ETH is going to pump, and then the basics are going to pump. Arbitrum is going to pump, Optimism is going to pump.

Ran Neuner

Second Wave: Most Don’t Get It

The next wave, perhaps unsurprisingly, involves assets that “most don’t understand”.  Here, Banter is investing in layer-2 projects including decentralised exchanges (DEXs). Examples include those on Base – which itself doesn’t have a tradable token or coin – or on Optimism such as Velodrome (VELO).

VELO is an automated market maker (AMM), and Neuner and his team believe it will be the go-to DeFi hub for the OP blockchain.

Final Wave: Degen Wave

Third wave – and here it gets a bit “degen” because this is “about the restaking of the restaking”. This category is perhaps the one where most research and DYOR warnings are needed. 

Basically, Banter says he invests in “potential rocketships”.

One is Hermule, a memecoin in honour of Vitalik Buterin’s cat; others are memecoins with odd names (what’s odd in crypto?) like HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu, with the ticker, wait for it, Bitcoin.

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If that’s too degen for your taste, the crew over at Crypto Banter has a spreadsheet with all the projects in their video description if you want to do some research over the weekend. Or, alternatively, you can go to our guide on analysing crypto before you hit the buy button on the latest memecoin.

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