Aptos Transaction Volume Soars to Record Highs Following Tapos Cat Game Launch

By Aaron Feuerstein May 27, 2024 In AI, Aptos, Cryptocurrency
  • Aptos hit a new daily transaction record of over 115 million, nearly tripling Solana’s figures, partly due to the new Tapos Cat game.
  • Despite a slight decrease from April, the Total Value Locked (TVL) on Aptos has shown consistent growth.
  • Aptos Ascend, in partnership with Microsoft, SK Telecom, and BCG, aims to enhance institutional engagement in DeFi.

Saturday marked a record for Aptos, the daily transaction count surged past that of Solana, with over 115 million transactions in a single day, almost tripling that of SOL. Layer-1 Aptos was developed by former Facebook employees and has seen a flurry of activity in recent months.

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Additionally, the total volume locked (TVL) on Aptos, while slightly down from April, has been steadily growing.

Aptos TVL, source: DeFiLlama

Tickle-to-Earn Launches on Aptos

Responsible for the surge in demand for Aptos could be the recent launch of an Aptos tickle-to-earn game called Tapos Cat.


The concept which is a variant of play-to-earn requires players to, you guessed it, tickle virtual cat characters by tapping them on-screen. Successful ticklers can earn $HEART tokens for their efforts. And, the first 72 hours after launch are gas-fee-free, the developers added

Aptos Ascend To Target Institutional Growth

But of course, Aptos has much more going on at present. Back in April we reported that Aptos partnered with Microsoft, SK Telecom, and Boston Consulting Group to create Aptos Ascend. Ascend will be a platform using Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service to innovate cloud and AI technology integration.

The platform will incorporate Brevan Howard’s investment acumen and SK Telecom’s web3 solutions, like wallet-as-a-service, to improve digital currency and asset management.

Boston Consulting Group will assist in expanding decentralised finance (DeFi) and enhancing global liquidity for tokenised assets via the Aptos network.

Mo Shaikh, Aptos Labs co-founder and CEO, highlighted that global institutions need high compliance, security, trust, and innovation levels to effectively serve customers and meet regulatory standards internationally.

He stated:

Aptos Ascend will provide the worldโ€™s financial institutions, banks, and tech-forward money markets with a performant, compliant, secure, and scalable gateway to decentralized finance on Aptos that will evolve for years to come.

Mo Shaikh, Aptos Labs co-founder and CEO

APT currently trades for US$9.15 (AU$13.79), an increase of almost 10% in the past seven days. With a daily volume of US$104.5 million (AU$157.5 million) and a market cap of US$3.9 billion (AU$5.87 billion), Aptos ranks number 26 by market cap, establishing itself as a major layer-1 chain.

Aptos (APT), 7-day graph, source: CoinMarketCap

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