Analyst Says Dominoes Will Start to Fall, Predicts Market Crash for Asia, US, EU

By Ben Knight April 06, 2024 In Cryptocurrency, Market Analysis
  • Analyst Henrik Zeberg has taken to Twitter to post his concern around the Asian markets, which believes will lead to a global recession.
  • He points to the Indian Small Cap Index as an example of a bubble set for an 80%+ correction according to technical analysis.
  • Zeberg also believes that the US stock and crypto markets are forming a “blow off top” pattern, setting them up for a major downtrend in the coming months.

To the eyes of most, the macroeconomic situation isn’t in such a bad place. The crypto sector has had an awesome start to 2024, stock indices are at ATHs in many economic hubs, inflation is cooling and interest rates have stopped climbing. 

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All of this is good. But to some, it’s a little too good. Analyst and author of The Zeberg Report, Henrik Zeberg, is one such person who believes that a global recession is on the horizon. And although Bitcoin is supposedly “uncorrelated” from the broader capital markets (hint: it’s not), such an event would see blood on the streets across the financial sphere.

Zeberg Predicts “Blow Off Top” for US Markets and Crypto

Rather than believe the current bull markets in crypto and US stocks are forming part of a larger trend, Zeberg contends their chart patterns are signalling “blow off tops”. These patterns occur when a sudden spike in market value or price occurs across a range of assets, tricking investors into believing it’s a bullish market cycle. However, this top is quickly followed by a steep, high-volume decline, wiping out most of the previous gains.


In his latest tweet, Zeberg doesn’t really provide any substantive evidence for the crypto market’s potential deterioration. Rather, he turns his magnifying glass onto the Asian markets – in particular, India.  

According to his analysis, India’s small cap index is set for a major correction, targeting a potential 80% crash. Of course, this is just one chart, which seems a long way from a global recession. But it’s also worth considering that China’s economy is reportedly in trouble, with the government being forced to pump money into the stock market to keep it afloat. So Zeberg’s prediction of trouble in Asia might not be as “doom and gloom” as you might initially think.

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However, people have been predicting the demise of China’s economy for years, and Zeberg does have a bit of a rep for being a bit of a doomsday prepper. Interestingly, he went toe-to-toe with crypto analyst and renowned optimist Raoul Pal back in January, which made for a captivating debate given their opposing views.

Here’s hoping that Zeberg’s predictions are off the mark!

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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