Analyst Miles Deutscher Unveils 20X Portfolio Strategy for the Upcoming Bull Run

  • Deutscher favours Mantra and Ondo for their strong positions and strategic partnership in the promising RWA sector.
  • Render and Bittensor lead Deutscher’s AI picks due to their market responsiveness and robust infrastructure.
  • ENA and RUNE are top DeFi choices for their excellent performance in bullish markets and long-term growth potential.

Aussie crypto analyst Miles Deutscher is known to be bullish on major altcoins like Solana, NEAR Protocol and others, but he also has his eyes on several more intriguing narratives. In his latest video he shared his thoughts on five sectors and the projects and coins behind them and why he believes these will outperform the rest in the coming bull run.

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Real World Assets and Tokenisation of RWAs

Everyone’s heard about tokenisation – nevertheless, it’s an area with a compelling narrative. It sort of has to be, if Larry Fink the CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, says he is bullish on the potential of tokenisation.

Speaking on the revolutionary topic, Fink said he believes every financial asset will be tokenised and that this will have a tremendous positive impact. 


We could rid ourselves of all issues around illicit activities about bonds and stocks through tokenization.

Larry Fink

BlackRock didn’t only talk tokenisation up, they actually put US$100 million (AU$150 million) onto Ethereum as part of their Digital Liquidity Fund.

No wonder Deutscher is bullish on the sector. His top picks here are Mantra (OM) and Ondo. He picked them because of their strong market positions, performance, and strategic partnership, which make them attractive plays in the RWA sector.

He also has some unreleased projects on his radar: Redbelly Network and Lingo.

Red Belly it’s sort of infrastructure play. It’s actually a reward platform – a gamified RWA rewards platform for the next billion users in Web3.

Miles Deutscher

In a nutshell, the platform leverages real estate assets to generate rewards for its users. By earning yield from these real estate investments, the platform can provide rewards to users who engage with it.

I like it because it’s a novel take on RWA and one of the first protocols to ever do this.

Miles Deutscher

AI + Decentralised Physical Infrastructure (DePIN)

Deutscher’s next pick is the artificial intelligence crypto-narrative “which benefits from the attention flow that the AI sector gets every time there’s a real-world announcement, upgrade and so on.”

AI requires significant computational power, which decentralised private infrastructure networks can provide efficiently.

Top Coins here are Render (RNDR) and Bittensor (Tao). RNDR is a sector leader in AI, benefiting from price responsiveness and strong performance.

Tao has an attractive valuation, is a leading AI infrastructure player and has currently cooled off from its highs, making it an appealing investment.

Others include World Mobile, PepeCoin, AIOZ, Graphlinq and the unreleased Aethir.


The memecoin sector can’t be left out of course, Deutscher believes this sector is so strong this time around that a 10-20% allocation is fair game. Top bets are PEPE, WIF, FOXY, GUMMY.

Source: Miles Deutscher via YouTube

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Decentralised Finance (Defi)

According to Deutscher, top DeFi picks are ENA and RUNE. He says these are great assets in the sector due to their strong performance in bullish markets, their strategic advantages, and their potential for substantial long-term gains.

Infrastructure Projects

The last sector is infrastructure related, which is a broad field and technically already covered in other aspects. Nevertheless, Deutscher believes this is an important sector to expose yourself to.

I do believe you don’t just need exposure to specific narratives in the market, you also need exposure to strong blockchains and infrastructure players which provide the underlying basis for sectors linking coins and DeFi.

Miles Deutscher

Top picks here are decentralised storage network Arweave (AR) and little known Everclear, which “provides a way to make multiple chains interoperable and increase the user experience.”

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