Aussie Analyst Jason Pizzino Reveals His Massive Targets for Bitcoin in June and Onward

  • Jason Pizzino anticipates an eventual upward move for Bitcoin, based on historical trends.
  • He suggests Bitcoin might reach new heights around US$78k to US$81k before another consolidation phase.
  • Pizzino emphasises the need for flexibility and readiness for various market scenarios, highlighting the use of Gann Indicators.

While Bitcoin is trading sideways many have the one question on their mind: up or down?

For Jason Pizzino, Australian macro trader, the answer is clear; we will see an upward move eventually. However, in the immediate trading environment nothing much has changed, he added, pointing to ok-ish US Bitcoin ETF flows.

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In his most recent analysis, Pizzino examined Bitcoin’s historical price movements, particularly focusing on its tendency to enter trading ranges after significant bull runs.


Well, we had six months up. Now, what I looked at before were these two areas. And again, I was laughed at those periods just saying that look, it happens. And the market does go quiet for several months.

Jason Pizzino

Confirmed: Macro Bull Market Continues

Looking ahead to June, Pizzino believes we’ll see potential movements based on past patterns:

We had April, the April top two-month correction and then went slightly higher…So what if we did something like that? People would be like, it’s all back on. We’re back on. We’re moving higher.

Jason Pizzino

He suggested that Bitcoin might touch new heights around US$78k (AU$116k) or even US$81k (AU$121k) before possibly retracting into another consolidation phase as the US election approaches.

However, Pizzino remains cautious and emphasises the need for flexibility in expectations.

But provided it doesn’t break down from 48K overall, then it can do whatever the hell it wants to do. We’re still in a macro bull market.

Jason Pizzino

So, despite further potential market fluctuations, the overall bullish trend is still on.

Analyst Points to Little Used TA Tool

Pizzino also highlighted a technique he said is not very commonly used by other traders: the Gann Indicators.

Gann indicators, developed by W.D. Gann, are analytical tools used by traders to predict support and resistance levels, as well as anticipate market tops, bottoms, and future price movements.

Source: Jason Pizzino via YouTube

Pizzino said that the Gann Indicators, albeit less often used, are unmatched in their effectiveness which he says is basically like “charting human emotion”.

Looking forward, he stressed the importance of being ready for various outcomes, highlighting the unpredictable nature of trading and investing.

You need to be prepared for all scenarios and understand what the probabilities are for each of those scenarios so that you can plan accordingly.

Jason Pizzino

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