Analyst Miles Deutscher Reveals Strategies to Survive Choppy Markets, Says Buy These Alts

By Ben Knight April 18, 2024 In AI, Altcoins, Market Analysis, Memecoins
  • Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher has provided some straightforward but important principles for working through market corrections.
  • His strategies can be boiled down to avoiding emotional trading (particularly fear and greed), sticking to your plan and taking profits consistently.
  • Deutscher also believes that AI and memecoin-based altcoins will lead the next bull run looking further into 2024.

As the Bitcoin halving looms, the market hasn’t exactly performed as positively as many would like. After a terrific start to 2024, with BTC landing a new all-time high and several altcoins seeing frenzied gains, things have started to slow down. The past week has been as red as red gets, with essentially every coin in the top ten by market cap seeing 10%+ losses. After how hot the cryptosphere has been of late, a correction shouldn’t be a huge surprise – but how should we navigate the tough times?

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Stick to Your Guns, Keep Cash in Reserve and Take Profits

Miles Deutscher’s latest video (and string of tweets) addresses several key strategies to making it out of the crypto market’s darker days. They are simple and fundamental points – something that can get lost in a market oft ruled by fear, greed and hype.

Having a plan in place is perhaps the most important method for dealing with both bull runs and wild downtrends. For example, pre-determining that you will take 10% profits every time your portfolio increases by 10% can be a straightforward way to navigate the market, and helps avoid the emotion that can come with seas of red (or green). Avoid deviating from this plan, take profits when necessary and sit on some reserve cash in case of a market crash (or an excellent buying opportunity) can make those red days just a little more palatable.


When looking at altcoins, Deutscher also has some basic signals to help determine which assets to avoid, and which to jump on. As we know, “blood on the streets” in a market can often create an excellent buying opportunity for savvy investors – but picking the right coins can make or break this strategy.  

From a personal perspective, Deutscher believes there will be two sectors driving crypto’s recovery as we emerge from the pre-halving correction. Specifically, he suggests that AI and blockchain tech will intertwine to create a trillion-dollar sector – so looking for altcoins like RSS3 and Ator may be a good way to gain exposure there.

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Interestingly, Deutscher also predicts that memecoins will continue their absurd start to 2024 once the market turns around, forming a vanguard for the next bull run. In particular, he believes tokens minted on new-age networks like Solana, BSC and Avalanche may outperform their older, Ethereum-based counterparts. That said, memecoins are notoriously flighty, so it’s important to have a balanced portfolio if you plan to follow this line of thinking.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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