Agree to Disagree: Craig Wright Trial Continues With Controversy

By Ben Knight February 07, 2024 In Cryptocurrency
  • Australian scientist Craig Wright maintains his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto amid legal action from COPA.
  • Wright has been accused of fabricating evidence, which he claims was due to internal sabotage.
  • In a video submitted to the court, Wright attempts to access Satoshi’s email – however, the address isn’t shown in the frame.
  • The trial is set to rage on for another six days at the very least.

The battle for Satoshi rages on, with the Craig Wright vs COPA trial entering day two. From the outside, it all seems a bit ridiculous. Craig Wright has long claimed to be the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin and supreme ruler of the crypto industry. It might appear like a harmless claim, but in reality, Wright has used this supposed truth to launch a full-on attack on anyone who claims otherwise. He has additionally gone on a patenting frenzy, attempting to legally attach his name to all sorts of blockchain technology that other companies might try and use.

So yeah, you can see why the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) – an organisation literally dedicated to stopping what Wright is doing – is a little angsty.

Wright Has Some… Interesting Answers as Trial Heats Up

On day one of the trial COPA accused Wright of fabricating information that “proved” he was Satoshi, including generating documents with ChatGPT and using WayBackMachine to create fake webpage access. However, Wright claimed that the submission of these documents was actually a case of internal sabotage, and that somebody from within his company was trying to take him down with falsified evidence.

In another filing, Wright was seen to be accessing Satoshi Nakamoto’s personal email address through a video recorded on a cellphone. The problem? The address was conveniently obscured from the frame, making the evidence practically worthless. 


At this, prosecutor Jonathan Hough was exasperated when asking why this was the case:

“You can’t operate a mouse and a phone at the same time? And hold the thing still?”

Wright’s reply was simple.


The interrogation of Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi will go on for at least another week, before the crypto community will finally know once and for all whether the Aussie computer scientist is actually the father of Bitcoin – or if he’s just another fraudster.

For the time being, it’s looking like the latter.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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