Court Told Bitcoin Invention Claim ‘Brazen Lie’ in Craig Wright Trial

By Ben Knight February 06, 2024 In Bitcoin
  • Australian computer scientist, Craig Wright, claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • This claim has been challenged by the Crypto Patent Alliance in the UK High Court in an attempt to prevent Wright from creating more blockchain patents.
  • Wright has been accused of a “dishonest claim” that involved elaborate “forgery”, including using ChatGPT-generated documents.

Satoshi Nakamoto is a name etched into crypto folklore. The pseudonymous developer of Bitcoin, who first appeared in 2009 before disappearing just a few years later, has become more of a fable than a real person as time has passed by. At this point, the name Satoshi has become bigger than any one human or group. That is, of course, unless your name is Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who is adamant that he is the person who invented Bitcoin. 

ChatGPT Used to Forge Identity Documents

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to see why you’d want to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The developer spawned a trillion-dollar industry, mined thousands of BTC when the block reward was 50, and is clearly a genius. Unfortunately, just saying that you are Satoshi doesn’t make any of the above true.

Craig Wright is currently embroiled in a battle with the Crypto Patent Alliance (Copa) over claims that he is the one, the only, Satoshi. The legal tussle, taking place in the United Kingdom High Court, is intended to reduce the number of litigations that have resulted due to the crypto industry’s somewhat loose regulations. Wright is a major contributor to these, as he has a penchant for taking legal action against anyone who suggests that he isn’t actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

The representative for Copa, Jonathan Hough, said:


On the basis of his dishonest claim to be Satoshi, he has pursued claims he puts at hundreds of billions of dollars.

Jonathan Hough

Unfortunately for Craig, the evidence against him appears to be piling up (pls don’t sue me):

  • Copa’s attorney stated that Wright claiming to be Nakamoto is a “brazen lie and elaborate false narrative supported by forgery on an industrial scale”.
  • He went on to say that “Dr Wright has consistently failed to supply genuine proof of his claim to be Satoshi: instead he has repeatedly proffered documents which bear clear signs of having been doctored”.
  • In fact, Wright was accused of using ChatGPT to generate several documents which supposedly prove he is Nakamoto.
  • The original Bitcoin whitepaper was written on OpenOffice. However, Wright’s version was written on a program called LaTeX.
  • Additionally, Wright has never been able to produce the private keys attached to Satoshi’s original Bitcoin wallet, worth something like AUD $60B as of today.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I had access to 60 billion bucks, I’d be getting onto that pretty quickly.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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