Brave Launches In-Browser Crypto Swaps with 20% BAT Rebates

September 14, 2021, 9:30 AM AEST - 11 months ago

Privacy browser Brave is to launch a new Brave Wallet and is including a Brave Swap Rewards program that will allow users to recoup 20 percent of their swap fees.

The release of the new unified Brave Wallet for desktop and mobile will allow millions of users access to web3, new Brave Rewards, and emerging financial protocols.

The browser, which claims to be three times faster than Chrome and now has over 36.2 million monthly active users, features security and privacy measures such as in-built ad blocking, password manager, and private windows. Users can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) rewards by watching privacy-respecting advertisements and online content creators can earn BAT with Brave Rewards by publishing content online.

With Brave Rewards integrated into the Brave Wallet, users will be able to modify their Rewards experience, gain access to previous months’ statements, and view their earned and contributed BAT for the current month.

A demonstration video published by Brave provides a swap overview:

Understanding the Brave Swap Rewards Program

Brave receives a small percentage of each Brave Swap as a fee for providing the service, like MetaMask and other decentralised exchange aggregators (DEX) swap providers. As part of the program, Brave will allocate up to 20 percent of total Brave Swap fees every month to the Swap Rewards program.

Taking part in the Brave Rewards Program enables Brave Ads by default, which then gives users the opportunity to earn additional BAT while using the browser.

Distributing the Rewards

Members of Swap Rewards who have not yet verified their Rewards wallet with a partner wallet service such as Gemini will be able to claim virtual BAT for their monthly Swap Rewards that they will be able to use within the Brave Rewards ecosystem.

Users who have verified their Reward wallets will receive their rebates as direct deposits into their verified Rewards wallets. Those who participate in the program earn BAT via the Rewards private ads system and the Swap Rewards rebate, which essentially reduces swap fees.

Powered by 0x DEX Liquidity

0x API has announced it will be officially powering Brave Swap, the Brave browser-based DEX. Brave is planning to build a decentralised exchange aggregator (DEX) that will allow users to swap tokens at the best market prices from within their Brave crypto wallet.

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