Australia Ranks 4th in Crypto Job Opportunities Report

May 04, 2022, 10:00 AM AEST - 2 weeks ago

As the crypto market continues to expand it has created many niche roles, with skills in technology ranking highest as the prime prerequisite to land a job in crypto.

Many job listings call for specific skills in Java, Machine Learning, Python, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to a report called “Crypto & AI Jobs: The Top Cities & Industries For Opportunities”, Australia ranks fourth, with 385 jobs available in the crypto industry.

Top five countries for crypto jobs. Source:

The top three cities in Australia for jobs in crypto are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The data also reveals that the leading industries for crypto jobs are Internet and Technology, Banking and Financial Services, Computer Hardware and Software, Accounting and Finance, and finally Consulting.

The US ranks highest on the global list with a total of 3,893 advertised jobs in the cryptocurrency field. Last year, Crypto News Australia reported that jobs in the crypto and blockchain field grew by 118 percent in 10 months.

AI Job market. Source:

With the rise of available jobs in niche categories such as AI, Australia also ranks fourth, with a total of 603 jobs available in the field. The top three cities for AI jobs in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and the leading industries for jobs linked to AI are Information Technology, Computer Software and Hardware, Consulting, Accounting, Legal, and Internet and Technology.

Australia Gearing Towards Crypto Jobs

The rapid growth of the worldwide crypto market parallels the need for individuals with industry-specific skills. As the report shows, Australia’s high global ranking in crypto employment opportunities is down to implementing better regulation in order to provide incentives for new investors and thus create more jobs in the field for Australians.

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