Users Raise Security Concerns of Chrome/Brave Extension “GasNow”

Thursday 10 June 2021, 6:30 PM AEST - 1 week ago

Browser extension GasNow, which is used to keep track of Ethereum gas fees, has recently gained permission settings that are unsettling some of the crypto community.

GasNow is an extension available on Chrome and Brave browsers that allows users to track gas fees and set up alerts. Following a recent update to the app, it now asks to have access and modify what’s in your clipboard (when you copy text or other data with a device it gets put on the clipboard).

Security Concerns

This is a major security concern because, when you copy an address to send funds to, the extension can detect that event and switch the address with another when you paste it.

This will lead to your funds being sent to another address and your crypto being lost in cyberspace if you don’t double-check the address you pasted. Other scams have happened before due to malicious Chrome extensions.

Comments on Chrome web store

This automatically creates a problem for Brave users as well since third-party extensions are not vetted by Brave individually, and the Brave browser can only use Chrome extensions.

What The Developers Said

Most financial/crypto developers are usually aware of the massive security risk with this permission (not just crypto but in general, as it can be used to collect passwords). With such a potential added risk, individuals in the crypto space are becoming increasingly skittish with the proliferation of scams in recent times.

If you are using another similar extension, check the permissions that have been granted because there are other extensions using this technique. And remember to Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

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