Twitter Launches Crypto Team to Explore DApps

November 12, 2021, 9:45 AM AEST - 2 weeks ago

Twitter is building an expert cryptocurrency team focused on bringing crypto, blockchain, and decentralised technology into the social media platform.

Twitter Crypto and DeFi

Twitter has hired Tess Rinearson, dubbed Twitter Crypto, to lead the team in its plans to bring crypto, blockchain, and DApps to the platform for a wide variety of uses not necessarily related to the financial aspect.

Rinearson took to Twitter to explain what Twitter Crypto will bring to the table. The team hopes to enhance the BTC tipping platform and the proof of identity service for NFTs. Both features were announced a month ago after Jack Dorsey highlighted that Twitter could see significant growth with the integration of crypto.

Moreover, the team will seek how it can support DApps development amid growing interest from creators. Twitter Crypto hopefully will allow them to manage virtual goods and digital assets, and support other projects and communities.

Supporting Crypto Communities

Building communities and allowing them to share information has been an important aspect for Twitter, from crypto HODLers to NFT enthusiasts.

As Crypto News Australia reported last month, Twitter has been testing blockchain technology to verify NFT profile pictures.

Looking farther ahead, we’ll be exploring how ideas from crypto communities can help us push the boundaries of what’s possible with identity, community, ownership and more.

Tess Rinearson, aka Twitter Crypto

Rinearson has a solid background in the area of blockchain and consensus development, including engineering the Tendermint Core. She has also worked with the Interchain Foundation, Cosmos, and 

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