Swyftx Founder Alex Harper Interview – Australian Entrepreneur Story

May 21, 2021, 8:00 AM AEST - 2 months ago

Alex Harper, co-founder and CEO of the Australian crypto exchange Swyftx, shares his story in an interview by local podcast Sam Squared.

Alex was recently featured amongst the Brightest Aussies Under 30 and in the podcast explains his entrepreneurial journey so far, how Swyftx started and what the future holds for himself and the company.

Australian Entrepreneur Alex Harper’s Story

Alex co-founded Swyftx with his friend Angus Goldman back in 2019 using their profits from the previous years of a crypto bull market. Since then the company has remained fully self-funded, which is an achievement in itself.

Alex explained that the company name comes from the bird “swift” plus “x” as a reference to exchange and trading.

As of May 2021, Swyftx is transacting $2 Billion AUD per month in customer trading volume on their platform. This places them in the top handful of exchanges operating in Australia, in terms of volume.

Alex shared some of the lessons he has learnt so far in the industry, one of which is aligning life passions with work life. He always enjoys building this project and sees it as a challenge to deliver something in the crypto space offering value to people.

Swyftx’s Key to Success is its Focus on User Support

It’s no surprise that Swyftx has 5 star user support Trust Pilot as they have focused the business on providing excellent customer support.

The support team is growing rapidly at over 70 employees based in Milton, Brisbane, with more overseas support staff, adding an employee every 1-2 days. Such a growth rate is astonishing considering they only had 5 employees back in early 2020.

Alex also mentioned that the support team is working extremely hard and often long hours so they try to nurture a good company culture, hiring someone to manage that aspect.

Swyftx Listens to its Customers Introducing New Features

Swyftx Platform Tracking Feature

Alex mentions that Swyftx has the nickname “Australia’s most progressive cryptocurrency exchange” because they implement new features suggested by their customers, keeping them satisfied by improving the offered services. Some of these features include:

  • Showing total portfolio growth from day 1
  • Demo mode
  • Recurring buys
  • Bundles
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Adding more coins

What the Future holds for Swyftx

With almost 300,000 users, Swyftx has seen record growth in the first quarter of this year, becoming one of the leading crypto exchanges in the country.

They now are implementing plans to expand the exchange into more countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, India.

They also have plans to integrate all major asset classes into the platform so customers could access “everything in one place” to work on building their financial freedom.

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