Zipmex Secures Over $41M USD in Series B Funding

By Crypto News Bot September 01, 2021 In Zipmex

We are proud to announce that Zipmex has secured over $41M USD in Series B funding to continue our rapid growth and product innovation. Through this period, we have provided industry-leading services which seek to transform the way people buy, sell and hold digital assets. To date, we have helped process over US$4 Billion in gross transaction volume since our launch in 2019. 

This marks a highly anticipated milestone for Zipmex that has seen multiple companies taking a keen interest and commitment during this investment round. These investors not only provide funding but also strategic partnerships to enable Zipmex to continue to bridge digital assets with real world experiences.

We welcome our new investors with the Bank of Ayudhya’s corporate venture capital arm, Krungsi Finnovate, who has joined as an investor. Plan B Media Public Company Limited and Master Ad Public Company Limited have also announced their commitment to the company in the Series B fundraising. 

“This commitment from Krungsri Finnovate is a huge step forward for us. It represents not only the validation of our business model and approach to innovation but also of the potential for digital assets to become a core part of our lifestyle,” said Zipmex CEO, Marcus Lim


“A marriage of digital assets and traditional banking can provide new innovative use cases for money, which we have demonstrated through ZipWorld. Further use cases of Zlaunch and ZipNFT are just the starting point of our banking-forward, lifestyle-focused product suite”

Spend, save, and earn with products made for digital asset holders. 

Aside from being a fast, liquid and secure digital asset platform, Zipmex has focused on expanding the number of ways in which its users can earn, spend and earn rewards, underpinned by their own token – ZMT (Zipmex Token)

The “earn” products include ZipUp — a flexible earnings account with daily payouts of up to 8% APY, and  ZipLock – a fixed-term earnings account with yields up to 14% per annum with bonus APY for ZMT holders. 

ZipSpend, a digital asset payment solution for businesses looking to accept cryptocurrency as payment, has already facilitated several regional firsts in luxury vehicles, art, and property transactions. 

Earlier this month, we announced Zipmex Card, a new Visa-backed payment card to be launched later this year. This will give Zipmex users the freedom to spend their digital assets at any of the more than 70 million merchants in Visa’s global payments network.

On top of these core offerings, ZipWorld will enable users to redeem exclusive lifestyle products and access one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards using the Zipmex Token.  Zlaunch will give users early access to new investment tokens exclusively on the Zipmex Exchange.

“As digital assets have become increasingly popular, so has the demand for earn and spend products. ZipSpend and the Zipmex Card aim to revolutionise payments across the region by offering users greater flexibility, while ZipUp, ZipLock, ZipWorld, and ZLaunch provide unprecedented earning opportunities,” added Mr. Lim. “It is also important to note that any product we release will have to be approved by the relevant regulatory bodies first.”

We would like to thank the almost 1 million registered users who have joined us so far. This funding injection will allow us to continue to build out the Zipmex Ecosystem to bring more value, experiences, and innovative products to our Zipmex community.


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