Zipmex Releases Arcade-style Game: ZipPlay! Win $1300 and an iPhone 13 Pro

By Crypto News Bot October 11, 2021 In Gaming, Zipmex

Zipmex has released a fun, arcade-style mobile game where players will ‘fly to the moon’ avoiding space debris and collect crypto along the way to achieve the highest score. Players will get the opportunity to win A$1300 worth of crypto and an iPhone 13 Pro if they refer other players to join.

Zipmex is back again with another fun giveaway for its new and existing customers. After the phenomenal success of their recent Bitcoin giveaway, where 3 Bitcoin was gifted to 3 lucky Zipmex customers – with a total prize pool worth over A$180,000. Zipmex has no signs of slowing down, releasing ZipPlay which is now available for everyone to play and win!

On Oct 1st, ZipPlay released a fun, simple, but deceptively tricky mobile game available to play on the Zipmex App or by visiting Come play and join thousands of gamers to compete to win A$1300 worth of crypto and an iPhone 13 Pro.

ZipPlay, an arcade-style game may look simple but can be very difficult to get a high score. The higher the score – the bigger the share of the crypto prize pool! 


With just two clicks on their phone, gamers can play as Zipmex Adam, who wants to fly to the moon and collect BTC, ETH, and ZMT along the way. Make sure to avoid meteorites, cars, the ISS, satellites, and more. Adam will have 3 lives in total, hitting obstacles will deduct one life, as the game progresses gamers will need to avoid obstacles at higher speeds making it more difficult as moving speeds will become faster. The game will then end once all lives are exhausted.    

Players have the opportunity to earn & score more points by hitting the rainbow ZMT, allowing players to become resistant to all obstacles for 5KM. Players who score the most points will earn the most rewards! Make sure you sign up so that you collect your bonuses. Please visit here for additional information. 

To win an iPhone 13 Pro, the player which refers the most friends will win the iPhone 13 Pro prize. In addition, players will receive 50% crypto winnings from their referrals earnings. 

New users can sign up using a unique referral code or simply sign up on Zipmex. New players will have the chance to play to win the No.1 position on the leaderboard and win A$1300 worth of crypto. Zipmex players will be eligible to play, win and earn 50% of their friend’s earnings. Make sure to refer a friend, co-worker, or family for a chance to win! 

Customers can look forward to much more exciting offers and bonuses from Zipmex as we continue to engage and enrich customer’s lives with crypto. Find out the latest bonuses and offers by joining the Zipmex Telegram group.

Nathan Halliday – Zipmex Australia Manager

To ZipPlay, visit or download the Zipmex app available on iOS and Android.

About Zipmex

Zipmex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange available in Australia and SEA. A trusted exchange that seeks to educate, excite, and enrich the lives of everyday people with new financial possibilities through crypto. With over $4 Billion in transactions across the Zipmex Exchange and digital assets protection of up to $100 million by BitGo, you can feel secured to buy, sell and trade everywhere. Enjoy low trading fees of 0.02% and join the exclusive ZipCrew for additional trading discounts and offers.


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