Zipmex & New Venture Wealth Lets You Charge Up Your SMSF with Crypto

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If you’ve ever considered the benefits of taking control of your superannuation but the difficulty and cost in setting up an SMSF has put you off, now might be a good time to reconsider.

Why now?

All Zipmex customers can now take advantage of our partnership with Melbourne-based New Venture Wealth. In the time it takes you to say “Self-Managed Superannuation Fund”, they’ll get you sorted.

Set-up costs are a flat fee. Annual administration is taken care of.  


Why Consider an SMSF?

Here’s the simple answer: tax benefits.

An SMSF offers huge tax advantages that can help you build and preserve your wealth. Income is taxed at a rate of only 15% and long-term gains are taxed at an effective rate of only 10%. On top of this, income generated from assets in a retirement pension is taxed at 0%. Some other reasons are:

  • SMSF holders are in charge of their own investment decisions and can invest directly in crypto and other assets.
  • An SMSF offers the flexibility to choose your own asset categories and portfolio allocations. This stands in contrast to retail or industry super funds, where your investment decisions are made for you.
  • You can make your SMSF as flexible as you like, allowing for allocation to many alternative asset classes you like or have expertise in: Cryptocurrency. Gold. Precious stones. Art. Whatever floats your boat, or in this case, your portfolio.

So if you’ve got a long-term view on digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, an SMSF could be the perfect investment vehicle for you.

Who are New Venture Wealth and Why Have Zipmex Partnered with Them?

New Venture Wealth specialises in SMSF set-up and audits.

Founders Paul Altis and John Sette offer personalised and affordable service. They’ll assign you your very own SMSF consultant to educate and guide you through the set-up process. No mess, no stress. So you can focus on which crypto you want to add to your SMSF portfolio.

The online application takes five minutes, after which your consultant will help you every step of the way to get your fund application completed and compliant with all ATO regulations and requirements.

Your SMSF specialist will also be there, along with a chartered accountant, to do the yearly audit of your SMSF in compliance with the ATO.

Once your fund is established, you can start your crypto journey by investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any class asset of your choice.

New Venture Wealth is offering all Zipmex customers AU$50 in Bitcoin on sign-up.

Use the code ‘ZIPMEX’ during checkout.

If you set up your SMSF Trading Account with Zipmex and deposit more than AU$10,000 or equivalent, we will also provide a $100 bonus in ZMT! Each increment of AU$10,000 will net you an extra $100 bonus in ZMT up to $500!

Open a Zipmex SMSF Trading here:

If you would like to learn more about self-managed super funds, visit or call New Venture Wealth on 1300 050 939.

Zipmex will also be holding an Educational Webinar on April 5 with Paul and John to talk all things SMSF and crypto. Register your interest below!


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