XRP Price Sees Huge Spike After SEC Ruling – These Tokens Are Also Benefiting

By BeInCrypto July 15, 2023 In Cryptocurrencies, Ripple, Trading

It’s been a landmark 24 hours for $XRP, with the token’s price rocketing over 60% following a US court’s ruling in favor of Ripple Labs.

This ruling has now settled the long-standing legal dispute with the SEC, paving the way for $XRP to showcase sustained upwards momentum.

The positive ripple effect from the court’s ruling has spread throughout the entire market, with the likes of Cardano and Solana also benefiting as well as new coins like Wall Street Memes and yPredict.

$XRP Price Surges as Leading Exchanges Opt to Relist Token

At the time of writing, $XRP is trading at $0.7898 – a 67% rise from the previous day.


Although $XRP was up by 104%, the price has pulled back in recent hours, which is not unusual following such huge gains.

Traders often take profits after a substantial rally, leading to short-term sell-offs – a scenario that appears to be playing out with $XRP.

Despite the pullback, the overall market sentiment towards the token remains overwhelmingly bullish, with CoinGecko revealing that a whopping 89% of the community is “feeling good” about $XRP’s prospects.

Major exchanges have begun relisting $XRP following the court’s ruling, adding to the positive sentiment.

Binance.US tweeted that trading on the XRP/USDT pair will resume, boosting the token’s liquidity and accessibility.

Kraken and Coinbase also announced they would reinstate trading – further strengthening the positive outlook for $XRP.

Ripple’s Court Victory Ignites Optimism for $XRP as Clarity Emerges

All of this positivity comes from the huge court ruling yesterday concerning the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple.

As reported by CoinDesk, a US District Court ruled that Ripple’s programmatic sales of $XRP did not violate securities laws.

Programmatic sales refer to Ripple’s distribution of $XRP through channels like crypto exchanges and incentives.

Thus, the fact that these sales did not constitute investment contracts means that securities laws did not apply, implying that $XRP can’t be classed as a security in this context.

This landmark ruling provides much-needed clarity in the ongoing battle over whether $XRP should be considered an unregistered security.

However, the court’s ruling also noted that Ripple’s sales of $XRP to institutional investors (e.g., hedge funds) did violate securities laws, meaning the company may still face penalties.

Nevertheless, the market has opted to focus on the positive aspects of the ruling, fostering renewed confidence in $XRP’s prospects.

Which Tokens Are Also Benefiting from XRP’s Bullish Momentum?

While $XRP is basking in the spotlight, it’s not the only token experiencing a surge of interest.

Tokens like Wall Street Memes and yPredict are also riding the bullish wave, raising millions through their ongoing presale phases.

Wall Street Memes Emerges as Potential Next Pepe with $14.6m Presale Success

With its ongoing presale surpassing $14.6 million, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) stands as one of 2023’s most exciting meme coin launches.

Investors are clamoring to get involved in this 30-stage presale, given that $WSM tokens are on offer for just $0.0316.

Importantly, Wall Street Memes aims to be more than just a meme coin. Instead, the project seeks to “tokenize” a community of 1.1 million people across numerous social media platforms.

By holding $WSM, crypto enthusiasts can benefit financially from the community’s continued growth and evolution.

Not only that but $WSM’s appeal is boosted further by the development team’s compelling roadmap.

Per the project’s whitepaper, the team intends to foster high-profile influencer partnerships, launch $WSM on Tier-1 CEXs, and create an exclusive “gated community” for token holders.

As if that wasn’t enough, the team aims to reach a $1 billion market cap with $WSM – a goal that has excited early investors.

Wall Street Memes’ tokenomics appear ideal for meeting this goal since all of the $WSM supply will be used within the community.

This includes the presale allocation, exchange liquidity, and an ongoing airdrop campaign.

Ultimately, with its innovative approach to community building, robust roadmap, and ambitious market cap goal, Wall Street Memes looks poised to redefine the meme coin landscape in the coming weeks.

You can visit the Wall Street Memes presale here.

yPredict Poised to Disrupt Crypto Analytics and SEO Strategies with AI-Powered Platform

yPredict ($YPRED) is another brand-new crypto project benefiting from the positivity rippling throughout the market.

Combining innovation with practicality, yPredict looks to revolutionize the burgeoning worlds of crypto analytics and SEO strategies.

The platform’s flagship features revolve around harnessing the power of AI to provide traders with a “competitive edge” in the market.

According to yPredict’s whitepaper, the platform offers features like automated chart pattern recognition, AI-powered trading signals, and market sentiment analysis.

Beyond the crypto sphere, yPredict has also announced a pioneering SEO tool – an AI-driven backlink estimator.

This tool is trained on over 100 million links, ensuring users can predict the backlink profile necessary to rank a specific keyword.

The combination of yPredict’s features has created an enormous buzz around the ongoing presale, which has now raised nearly $3 million.

With $YPRED tokens available for $0.09, a 33% discount on the planned CEX listing price, early investors are given an enticing opportunity to participate in the project from the ground level.

You can visit the yPredict presale here.


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