World’s Largest Pension Fund Considers Bitcoin Investment

By Ben Knight March 20, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Investing
  • The largest pension fund in the world is controlled by the Japanese government and contains over AUD $2.5T in assets.
  • Thanks to sweeping technological and social changes, the fund – GPIF – is considering new assets as part of its diversification model.
  • Particularly, the fund will look at Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and precious metals as potential long-term additions over a five-year research period.

While Vanguard, the US financial giants, stick their fingers in their ears and scream “la la la”, the world’s biggest pension fund is considering adding Bitcoin to its portfolio. 

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Although several TradFi institutions have steered clear of BTC as a long-term prospect – largely due to its volatility and speculative nature – the Japanese Government Pension Fund (GPIF) announced changes to its investment thesis yesterday. Part of those upheavals included the potential addition of Bitcoin in the medium-term.

Five-Year Plan to Investigate and Mitigate

In general, the Japanese economy has been moving at a snail’s crawl ever since the housing crisis in the late 80s. To address some of the long-standing issues, the Japanese government is making sweeping changes to its pension funds to ensure citizens are well-protected in retirement. The announcement noted that such considerations were necessary:


[Due to]…major changes in the economy and society, and rapid technological progress.

Japanese Government Pension Fund (GPIF)

Previously, the GPIF was heavily invested in vital infrastructure – so public-facing sectors like healthcare and so on. In general, the fund focusses on diversification to ensure that it takes on the least risk possible. This means the GPIF also holds assets across many different classes, including property, stocks and debt. All up, the GPIF is worth about USD $1.54T (AUD $2.36T).

And now, the government is planning to shake things up by researching several new, alternative assets that may make viable additions to the fund. 

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The five-year plan will have analysts and experts observe the potential risk and long-term viability of diversification options – especially in the tech sector. So while precious metals will be part of the research, it seems that cryptocurrency (especially Bitcoin and tokenised assets) are to be a significant focus.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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