Women in Finance and Bitcoin’s Green Revolution With Sallie Krawcheck and Nick Mayer

By coindesk.com July 19, 2023 In Bitcoin, Mining

On this episode of “Money Reimagined,” Michael Casey takes listeners on an insightful journey into the world of finance and technology featuring two intriguing interviews conducted on the sidelines of ‘Uncharted’ a Summit held on June 24, 202, at the residence of media entrepreneur Michael Lowe in Southampton. The first interview is with Sallie Krawcheck, the former head of Bank of America’s global wealth and Investment Management Division, and the founder of EllaVest, a groundbreaking digital finance advisory firm tailored for women. With her vast experience in Wall Street, Krawcheck shares her perspective on cryptocurrency and whether EllaVest includes it in their investment strategies.

The second interview brings forward Nick Mayer, the founder of Provocative Science, who unveils a fascinating approach to the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. Rather than viewing it solely as a drain on energy resources, Mayer’s team has discovered a unique way to harness the wind output from ASIC miners to drive carbon capture solutions. This innovative dual-purpose proposition aligns with the common notion that Bitcoin mining can support renewable energy development. However, it goes a step further by addressing carbon reduction simultaneously. Mayer sheds light on the principle behind this idea and explains how his provocative science project leverages Bitcoin mining to tackle two critical challenges at once.

This episode will leave you with a sense of excitement and hope for the future of finance at the intersection of technology and environmental consciousness.

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Money reimagined with Michael Casey and Sallie Krawcheck. What is the investment case for crypto? 2:43 | The representation of women in the crypto industry. 5:04 | The resistance to diversity in crypto. 7:02 | How to break down myths about diversity? 8:49 | Sally’s background. 10:43 | Nick Mayer and solving the climate crisis while using Bitcoin. | How does carbon capture become profitable?13:02 | The dual purpose idea of Bitcoin.16:13 | Using Bitcoin as a force for good.

Money Reimagined has been produced and edited by senior producer Michele Musso and our executive producer is Jared Schwartz. Our theme song is “AITA” by Neon Beach.

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