Will the Price of Ethereum and Cardano Increase? This New Token Is Attracting Huge Interest From Investors

By BeInCrypto October 24, 2023 In Cardano, Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

However, the prices of ETH and ADA have yet to impress many investors in 2023. With investors now showing concerns, how high do analysts expect the prices of these top cryptos to go? Meanwhile, there is a new crypto, Everlodge, that has caught the attention of crypto investors.

Everlodge (ELDG) Captures Investors’ Attention With New Investment Model

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Everlode is a disruptive new project that has attracted investors from across the crypto space with its unique new concept. Everlodge seeks to revolutionize real estate property investment, making it more accessible and affordable. The focus of Everlodge is the vacation rental market.


In 2023, the average investment required to enter the vacation rental market was estimated at $22,000. This project aims to lower the entry amount to $100. Everlodge will host a marketplace listing hotels, luxury homes, and vacation properties. Everlodge will select properties to list in partnership with well-known hotel chains and real estate developers.

The ownership information for these properties will be minted on fractional NFTs. The NFT representing a luxury vacation home worth $2 million can be split into 20,000 pieces, allowing investors to purchase shares for as little as $100.

Using this unique co-ownership model, Everlodge has been projected to attract thousands of investors. Already, the project has seen great success in its presale, with its ELDG token rallying from $0.01 to $0.023 (a massive 130%). Now in its 6th presale stage, you still have an opportunity to join Everlodge and stand a chance to win a vacation to the Maldives.

When the Ethereum Price Resume It’s Uptrend?

Despite beginning 2023 with a strong bullish rally, the Ethereum uptrend has since cooled off. In more than eight weeks, the price of Ethereum has hovered between $1,500 and $1,750. In October, the ETH price currently stands at $1,574.

While momentum seems to be low, crypto analyst, Mags, has shared his opinion on when the uptrend will resume. The recent drop to $1,574 saw the ETH/BTC chart finally hit 0.055. This level represents the support zone of a long-term Ethereum coin trendline shared by Mags.

Cardano Network Grows, Will the ADA Price Follow?

In 2023, the popular Ethereum-killer, Cardano, recorded significant growth. However, the ADA coin has not been able to replicate the form of the Cardano network. Since peaking at $0.455 in mid-April, the Cardano price has declined, falling to $0.243 in October.

With the ADA price recovering to $0.2469, many analysts spot bullish signs for Cardano. The short-term rally saw the price of Cardano briefly break above its 50-day EMA long-term descending pattern. The ADA price is expected to attempt another breakout soon.

According to technical data, if the breakout rally happens, the Cardano coin will touch $0.30 before rising to $0.356. This will then confirm a full-blown rally, which could take ADA to $0.75.

However, a fall below the $0.25 zone will cause the price of ADA to decline to test the $0.24 support level.

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