What ‘The Merge’ Means for Decrypt, Rug Radio and You

By Decrypt December 13, 2023 In Market Analysis

Decrypt and Rug Radio are tying the knot—a union designed to create the first, honest-to-goodness, crypto-native media juggernaut.

If it works, it’s going to change the way people think of “crypto media” forever.

If it doesn’t, we’re keeping the kids.



Of course, we think it is going to work, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating how, exactly, all the pieces will fit over the next several months and years.

Still, you, dear reader, likely have all kinds of questions swirling around in your inquisitive mind, searching for clues in Crypto Twitter threads about what this all means for your favorite destination for crypto, gaming, culture, and emerging tech news. So let’s address those here and now.

What will happen to Decrypt, GG, SCENE, Degen Alley, and Emerge?

For starters, Decrypt isn’t going anywhere. We’re adding to the family, not subtracting from it. The current staff will be unchanged. Our hubs will continue to produce all the great content you’re accustomed to reading and watching. Our editorial team will remain separate from Rug’s and continue to report to Decrypt’s editor-in-chief, moi.

Phew. But how will this affect Decrypt’s journalism?

It won’t affect it at all. Decrypt’s journalistic integrity will remain intact with our reporters continuing to do what they do best—reporting on the news. Our journalists will also continue to disclose whatever crypto they hold in their bios as per disclosure requirements listed on our homepage.

So then how does the Rug merger affect Decrypt?

Now we’re talking. Here’s where things get interesting.

The Rug Radio Network currently has scores of content creators, many of whom are subject matter experts in a wide variety of areas, from crypto trading to gaming, NFT collecting, art curating, and more.

Our editors will be working with Rug creators to include their content—with a distinct look and feel—on the Decrypt platform alongside our traditional journalism. And this is a two-way street. Don’t be surprised if you see a Decrypt journalist popping in on Rug podcasts, or even hosting one of their own.

Our goal is to expand our collective reach by providing a berth to enthusiasts and insiders, without diluting our credibility. It’s a win-win.

What about “[REDACTED]”—what does it have to do with Decrypt?

[REDACTED] is a placeholder for the name of the new holding company that will sit atop Decrypt and Rug Radio. It sounds mysterious and frankly kinda badass, but that’s neither here nor there.

The new entity is simply a vehicle through which Decrypt and Rug will co-exist—one big, happy family. Loxley Fernandes (co-CEO of Rug) will be the CEO of the holding company, Farokh Sarmad (founder and co-CEO of Rug) will be President and Josh Quittner (co-founder and CEO of Decrypt) will be Chairman.

The holding company will manage revenue and resources for the entity. It will also build an ad tech network on Arbitrum and issue a token to power the ecosystem. “Wen token??” you ask. Stay tuned.

Importantly, though, editorial issues will be handled independently by Decrypt and Rug. “Won’t [REDACTED] exert editorial control?”

No [redacted] chance. It won’t be involved in editorial policy.

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