‘Webbland’ Metaverse Sales Soar 126% Amid Flurry of Apartment Sales

By Lauren Claxton February 22, 2022 In Crypto News, Metaverse, NFTs

Webbland, an “interoperable pixel metaverse”, has seen its NFT sales soar by 126 percent this week after two pixelated penthouses sold for six-figure sums – taking out two places in this week’s top 15 NFT sales:

Webbland Records $3.6m Profit in a Week

Over the past seven days, Webbland has recorded over US$3.6 million in profit thanks to the heavily piqued interest of users.

Penthouse #9051 edged into 14th position on the top 15 NFT sales list for the week, with the apartment selling for 50 ETH – approximately US$139,848 at the time of purchase. Penthouse #9056 took 15th place, going for 48 ETH (US$131,830).

Penthouse #9056 sold for 48 ETH. Source: Opensea

It appears unlikely that metaverse sales, both within Webbland and among the wider industry, will let up. Much of the chatter on social networks surrounding the Webbland sales was about finding humour in the situation. Currently, Webbland’s floor price is 3 ETH:


Big Names Moving into the Metaverse

The metaverse is rapidly growing in popularity with several big corporate names getting involved. Warner Brothers entered a partnership with The Sandbox at the end of January 2022, with a goal to develop the first music-themed metaverse. The project is set to host several popular artists, including Coldplay and Madonna.

It also appears that Walmart is making quiet moves to cash in on the metaverse hype. The American multinational retail corporation has been spotted placing new trademark applications that appear to indicate metaverse-related plans.

By Lauren Claxton, Crypto News Guest Author

Lauren Claxton

Lauren Claxton

Lauren is currently a freelance writer with experience in finance writing. She has a growing interest in the metaverse and all things NFTs and expects to graduate in 2022 with bachelors degrees in creative writing and public relations.

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