Web3 venture builder and charity team up to modernize charitable giving

By Cointelegraph December 18, 2023 In Web3
Presented by GAMI
Presented by GAMI
Presented by GAMI

A Web3-focused venture builder, GAMI, has partnered with Doctors of the World, a prominent non-governmental organization, to modernize charitable giving and ensure crypto donations can immediately reach those who need them in times of crisis.

When international crises and natural disasters hit, the Web3 world has shown its willingness to step up and support those who are desperately in need.

After devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria earlier this year, crypto worth $12.6 million was raised to help those who were displaced. These donations made an immeasurable difference to helping and supporting those in need, and powerfully showed how we all use the internet has changed.

While Web1 led to the rise of the information economy — where people consumed words on static web pages — Web2 led to us starting to create our own content. Web3 is shaping up to be the rise of the ownership economy — with consumers taking back control and ownership of their data and digital assets through blockchain technology.


And this technological shift has the potential to be seismic for the charities and non-governmental organizations attempting to raise awareness about their goals.

A transformative process

Doctors of the World — a non-government organization (NGO) that delivers healthcare to people affected by poverty, conflict, violence, disease, famine and natural disasters — has now embarked on an ambitious, years-long journey to modernize its fundraising practices.

During the Turkey-Syria earthquakes, it played an instrumental role in rapidly bringing help from across the European Union.

It has partnered with a Web3-focused venture builder GAMI to spearhead a digital transformation process that is scheduled to be completed by 2027. The project will see GAMI organize various events and campaigns for the organization — all to amplify awareness and increase donations.

Exciting News! 🌱

We thrilled to announce our partnership with @dunyadoktorlari 🤝

GAMI will lead Doctors of the World’s Web3 Digital Transformation. 🌐

For more information 👇https://t.co/SA3wtTzPxH pic.twitter.com/eSEoy93N01

— GAMI (@gamiworld) November 27, 2023

A compelling advantage of embracing crypto concerns speed. When a disaster strikes, aid is needed immediately for those who have been forced to leave their homes and their lives behind. And while foreign governments are often determined to step up to the plate, it can sometimes take a while before they’re able to provide support. The immediacy of Web3 helps change the narrative — enabling action to take place in real time.

How it will work

GAMI has established a vast ecosystem that consists of a constellation of products — including Midle, a data-based marketing platform that brings together brands and influencers as well as DeFi and crypto communities. Under this new partnership, Doctors of the World will become the first NGO to use this infrastructure.

Other tools among GAMI’s offerings include TheSender, which enables tokens to be dispatched to multiple addresses in a single transaction with a commission of just $1. This can prove indispensable when digital assets need to be distributed to multiple sources with urgency. As part of the collaboration, the commissions generated through TheSender will be directly donated to Doctors of the World. This adds a feel-good factor for those who use GAMI, as every single transaction will help people in need across the globe.

GAMI is open to collaborating with other charities in the future, aiming to increase awareness and enable charities to keep pace with technological developments.

Two decades ago, charities were able to effortlessly spread their message through TV bulletins and newspapers. But, the sweeping increase of digitization and an ensuing deluge of content has made it harder for such organizations to grab the attention of everyday consumers.

The collaboration between GAMI and Doctors of the World has the potential to establish a blueprint for the future — and modernize the process of raising awareness and collecting donations.

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