Wall Street Memes Crosses $15 Million Fundraising Milestone – Is It the Next Meme Coin Sensation?

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The presale for Wall Street Memes recently crossed an enormous milestone after hitting $15 million in fundraising.

With the presale growing in popularity, investors are starting to wonder if this is the next meme coin sensation on the market.

The project already has a huge community, with over 1.1 million followers on its social media profiles. It has also gained the attention of billionaire Elon Musk – who’s been interacting with the Twitter profile several times.

These two foundations set it up for enormous hype and FOMO – which are two principles that make memecoins explode.


Wall Street Memes Hits Incredible $15 Million Milestone.

Wall Street Memes recently hit its incredible $15 million fundraising milestone – just 52 days after opening its doors.

The insane growth behind the project shows its immense hype and FOMO as it quickly becomes the fastest-growing presale in 2023.

The $WSM token is now the most sought-after token in the meme coin space due to its unique ability to attract a cult-like community, its hilarious memes, and its attention received from Elon Musk.

The project seeks to make a mockery out of Wall Street and the traditional financial system through a series of hilarious memes posted on its social media account.

Wall Street Memes takes inspiration from the GameStop movement in 2021, when the armchair investors challenged Wall Street to a duel and sent billion-dollar hedge funds, like Melvin Capital, into bankruptcy in their attempt to save heavily shorted stocks like GameStop and AMC.

Now, Wall Street Memes is tokenizing that movement through $WSM, allowing users to engage in continued speculation with added side-order of humor to go alongside it.

Why Are Investors So Captivated by WSM?

Investors are captivated by $WSM as they’re curious about its long-term prospects while they hunt for low-cap gems that have the potential to provide 100x returns.

The project has created the perfect recipe for success through its fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance.

The memes posted by Wall Street Memes have become so popular that they’re generating 40 million monthly impressions – making the profile the go-to destination for online trading and finance-related memes.

They’ve even attracted the attention of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who has commented on the truthful and hilarious nature of the memes;

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 22, 2023

It didn’t stop there. The billionaire tech mogul and space entrepreneur has commented on the Wall Street Memes profile on several occasions, leading investors to speculate if the self-proclaimed Dogefather has a new meme coin to support in his portfolio alongside Dogecoin;

If the world’s richest man is taking time out of his day to comment on a meme coin project, you certainly know the team is doing something right.

In addition to the attention of billionaires, investors are also captivated by the community-driven approach behind the project.

The team has demonstrated its long-term commitment to making Wall Street Memes successful by refusing to allocate any $WSM tokens to themselves in the presale.

Instead, they’re adamant that the entire token supply should be dedicated to the community, removing any possibility of a rug-pull from the team.

The tokenomics are designed to help provide support for $WSM, ensuring that it has significant liquidity to create a smooth token trading environment with well-oiled market liquidity.

As a result, half of the 2 billion $WSM supply will be sold in the presale, with the other half dedicated to adding liquidity to centralized and decentralized exchanges and providing community rewards for loyal supporters.

Lastly, the fact that Wall Street Memes has created a cult-like community with over 1.1 million followers puts it in the perfect position to be guaranteed a major tier-1 listing as soon as the token launches.

Analysts believe that major centralized exchanges will rush to list the token to take advantage of the huge trading volume that will be generated, with many expecting either Binance or OKX to be the first.

As a result, $WSM will likely come out of the gate swinging and spread like wildfire across crypto social media.

Is This the Next Meme Coin Sensation?

With such strong foundations, investors are increasingly starting to believe that Wall Street Memes is destined to be the next meme coin sensation.

The project has managed to strike the perfect balance between hype and FOMO, two fundamental principles that cause meme coins like $DOGE and $PEPE to explode.

Many high-profile influencers are already starting to promote the project, believing it’s the next meme coin sensation on the market.

For example, prominent YouTube analyst Crypto Gains, with over 100,000 subscribers, believes it has 100x potential;

In addition, the project has influencers across various social media platforms spreading the word, with high-profile people like Crypto Jamie, Aaron CryptoNoob, and Jacob Bury joining as brand ambassadors to lend their credibility and reach to the project.

Finally, CryptoWendy0, another YouTube influencer with over 100,000 subscribers, believes $WSM will hit the forefront of the next crypto bull run;

Overall, after raising over $15 million in just a few weeks, growing to 1.1 million followers on social media, and drawing the attention of Elon Musk – Wall Street Memes has set the foundation to be the next meme coin sensation with 100x potential on the market.

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What Other Meme Coins Can Surge Alongside Wall Street Memes?

Wall Street Memes isn’t the only meme coin causing a buzz in the market right now.

A newly launched meme coin, Mr.Hankey Coin ($HANKEY), recently hit the market and is starting to gain significant attention after its first weekend of trading.

The project had a hugely hyped presale and is quickly recovering after its weekend dip after the team announced a new token burn with further marketing plans in the pipeline.

Mr. Hankey Coin – Incredibly Bullish Week Ahead

Experts believe Mr.Hankey Coin has an incredibly bullish week ahead after the team announced a token burn event, which will make $HANKEY more scarce with the supply reduction.

Mr. Hankey Coin generated enormous hype for its presale after selling its entire allocation in just 10 hours.

Then, the project launched on Friday and quickly surged by over 300% to reach a market cap of $3 million.

From there, $HANKEY started to retrace through the weekend as early adopters began to take profits.

However, the retracement quickly stopped today as $HANKEY saw a 100% price explosion after the team announced the incoming token burn.

As a result, investors quickly flocked back into the token to get positioned before the event, as they expect further increases later in the week.

The team has already locked the liquidity in the pool through Team Finance, ensuring there is no potential for a rug-pull for the token.

The meme coin is quickly going viral due to its unique theme, which provides a breath of fresh air away from the pepe and “2.0/3.0” meme coin clones that have plagued the market in recent weeks.

Described as the number one shit coin, $HANKEY is inspired by the legendary Mr. Hankey character from South Park, which quickly became one of the show’s most beloved characters after making its first appearance in 1997.

With the presale selling out in just 10 hours, investors are still enticed by the Christmas deity as it provides a unique theme in the meme coin space, making it memorable and entertaining.

Investors are growing increasingly confident about the project due to the expert market team behind it, who have helped previous projects like $SPONGE achieve 100x returns.

The team has wild ambition and wants to make $HANKEY become the fastest-trending and best-performing token of 2023.

With advertisements all over the crypto space and the incoming token burn, they’re definitely on the way to achieving that goal;

Who wants to see Mr Hankey burn some ? pic.twitter.com/1vrohv1yO0

— Mr Hankey (@MrHankeythecoin) July 16, 2023

Furthermore, several influencers are promoting the token, such as @MattInWeb3, @AmeerNFTs, and @mrbrown_nft, influencers with an average of more than 100,000 followers and a lot of engagement.

Overall, the weekend dip has provided a great entry opportunity for those who missed the $HANKEY presale. With such a huge marketing engine behind the project, $HANKEY is destined for further gains throughout the week.

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