Users Left Fuming After Evmos’ Cosmos Cross Chain Fails to Launch

Evmos, a layer-1 blockchain compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) built on Cosmos, is facing a community backlash after the protocol failed to launch this week due to numerous bugs found on the network.

The launch of the Evmos mainnet, which came with a rather ambitious token airdrop, was highly anticipated by the Cosmos and Ethereum communities as it allowed cross-chain transfer between the two blockchains.

Critical Security Bug Halts Network

But it seems the launch was riddled with gremlins. Two days before the launch, a “critical security bug” was found on the network, which rushed validators to implement a fix improperly and subsequently caused a network halt:

Users were reporting problems related to hardware and software wallet integrations, which were apparently higher than the network was able to handle. On top of this, some users were claiming a “lack of organisation” and numerous delays surrounding the launch of the mainnet:


The team behind Evmos said developers and validators were reportedly still working on the matter and unable to reach a consensus on the next steps for the protocol.

Launch Suspended Till Further Notice

The backlash forced the Evmos team to suspend the launch for an undetermined number of days to address the community’s concerns, and that the network would be reviewed internally via a postmortem:

Evmos Responds to Backlash

While the community backlash was rather harsh for Evmos, some other users were supportive of the response from the Evmos team to handle the issues and give clarity to its community.

Some other DeFi projects are the opposite, however. Such was the case in January with the cross-chain bridge Multichain when it lost over US$3 million through a security hack. The protocol was sending “mixed messages”, stating the issue had been fixed, but it later reminded users to revoke approvals of the token.

José Oramas

José Oramas

José is a journalist and translator with a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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