Twitch Co-Founder’s NFT Drop Went Badly, Users Lose $154,000 in Discord Scam

By José Oramas December 23, 2021 In Airdrop, Crypto News, Hackers, NFTs, Solana

Fractal, a Solana-based NFT marketplace created by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, has lost roughly US$150,000 worth of SOL after suffering a security breach this week.

Ahead of its debut, Fractal had around 100,000 users on its platform waiting for the NFT airdrop, but someone managed to hack the startup’s Discord channel, specifically the announcement bot, causing it to send out fraudulent links to a website that used the ‘i’ instead of an ‘l’, as in “Fractai” – prompting them to pay for non-existent NFTs.

Kan acknowledged the situation on Twitter, urging users to not follow any link in the Discord channel.

On the other hand, Fractal said it was working to “make things right” and will reportedly reimburse affected users.


Discord Scams on the Rise

Fractal users can only be patient and hope to be reimbursed sometime soon. Some protocols have had to reimburse their users after their platforms were attacked – such was the case with Animoca, which had to repay users 265 ETH after its Discord channel was hacked last month.

A few hours prior to the Fractal incident, another Solana-based project was hacked for over 1.3 million worth of SOL. The project, called Monkey Kingdom, suffered a similar security breach on Discord.

One of the biggest and most frustrating rugs for the Solana community occurred in October when an alleged 17-year-old artist promised to deliver 8000 NFT artworks on the project’s Discord channel but failed to deliver and instead absconded with US$500,000 worth of investors’ funds.

José Oramas

José Oramas

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