Trends Show Bitcoin is Mostly Bearish in March – 80% Chance

By Crypto News Bot February 25, 2021 In Bitcoin, Market Analysis

Historically, the statistics show that Bitcoin monthly returns in March are mostly negative. To date, this is one the most consistent seasonal patterns shown in Bitcoin in terms of price return.

Although statistically there is an 80% chance Bitcoin will be negative returns for March this year, the sentiment going around is that March will still be bullish. Traders are saying that there is a bullish triangle breakout, exchanges are saying the demand is high, individuals are saying “buy the dip”, and institutions continue to buy BTC in the 1000’s.

Bitcoin Yearly Returns

If you take a look at the yearly returns, they have slowed down from the 1000%+ gains of the early Bitcoin years. This is mainly due to the marketcap growing as it was easier to double from $1 to $2 then $10,000 to $20,000 and so on.

Over the decade, bitcoin has delivered a 370% compound annual growth rate (that’s the rate of return assuming you reinvest your profits at the end of each year).


Will this March show negative returns? tune in next month where we see if the trend continues!


Crypto News Bot

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