TradeRoom: Our Weekly Crypto Trades Analysis – Nov 22, 2021

By David Haslop November 22, 2021 In Market Analysis, The Crypto Den

Welcome to this weekly series from the TradeRoom. My name is Dave and I’m the founder of The Crypto Den, an Australian-based crypto trading and education community aiming to give you the knowledge to take your trading game to the next level.

Crypto Market Outlook

The crypto markets took a pretty decent hit after a US$500 billion sell-off in the past week. If you’re one of those people I’m seeing across all socials freaking out about this, DON’T STRESS!
You can see in the TOTAL chart below that the entire crypto cap took a US$600 billion hit back in September and recovered quite well. At this point I’m expecting the same to happen again.

TOTAL Crypto market cap

Looking at Bitcoin, we are seeing a bit of Elliott Wave Theory in play here. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially investor psychology and sentiment presented as recurring patterns in the market – a 5 wave pattern, 3 waves up (impulse waves) and 2 waves down (corrective waves).

BTC is currently in the middle of wave 4 having a small bounce on the 50% Fibonacci level. We are expecting to to see further downside to a level of confluence between the current uptrend, 61.8% Fibonacci level and daily support level at US$51,500. All of which supports the Elliott Wave Theory.


Keep in mind wave 4 is a corrective wave. So this doesn’t mean doom and gloom. It would indicate BTC is simply having a healthy correction before the next leg up. I stand by our initial targets of US$78,000 as target 1 and US$87,000 as target 2.

Last Week’s Performance


MANA has again made the list this week for top performers. In the TradeRoom, these metaverse tokens have been going crazy despite BTC itself seeing bearish action. In last week’s article I mentioned MANA would likely see a pullback into that 61.8% Fib level, which it did before a continuation up. It performed perfectly with a price increase of 50%.

MANA/USDT chart from last week’s article
Current MANA/USDT Chart


Another metaverse coin that performed well last week was Enjin: a nice clean pullback to a solid support level and the 50 Fib, and away she went with a nice 43% rise.

ENJ/USDT chart shared in our TradeRoom
ENJ/USDT Chart currently

This Week’s Trades


Sticking with the metaverse theme this week, we can’t go past AXS. Hoping to see a pullback to a good buy zone at the US$115 mark, where I’ll be looking for entries. If AXS continues to perform well with the BTC drops, who knows how high this beast can go?



Again with the MV coins I know but hey, profit is profit. SAND is currently looking to be forming a bit of a bull pennant, however I’m personally hoping to see a bigger pullback into a healthier buy zone at around the US$3.48 area. Why? Well, it’s a good test on what will be a new level of support, test on current uptrend and the 50% Fib retrace.


LRC is showing a really good pullback into a buy zone. In a chart posted in the TradeRoom by one of our team leaders, Pete, this morning you could see the buy zone clearly displayed in the 61.8% Fib level, which again is a common retracement level and Pete has also drawn a bullflag, which is a strong bullish continuation pattern. Target is US$2.10.

Pete’s LRC/USDT chart

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David Haslop

David Haslop

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