TradeRoom: Our Weekly Crypto Trades Analysis – Jan 24, 2022

By David Haslop January 24, 2022 In Market Analysis, The Crypto Den

Welcome to this weekly series from the TradeRoom. My name is Dave and I’m the founder of The Crypto Den, an Australian-based crypto trading and education community aiming to give you the knowledge to take your trading game to the next level.

Crypto Market Outlook

As I mentioned in last week’s article, we are in protecting-our-capital mode! This is because the past week has only been a good week for those trading in the futures markets and shorting – and I don’t think it’s over yet.

If we take a look at the Bitcoin CME Futures chart (BTC1!), you’ll see two very distinct gaps in price action displayed by the green boxes. Now, generally speaking, these gaps get “filled” (meaning price revisits those levels) 80 percent of the time. The further PA gets away from these gaps, the less likely they will be filled. That being said, we are very much in range of these gaps getting filled, which means the BTC price could very likely revisit US$32,000 and US$23,000. It’s my opinion that IF this does happen, BTC will test the previous top of the last bull cycle at US$20,000.

BTC1! chart

Comparing this week’s BTC chart to last week’s, you can see the target identified of US$30,000 has not yet been hit and is still very much in play. This will correlate well to the BTC1! gap closing.


We could see a very short-lived relief rally, but once again these are very short-term rallies. My money is still hedged on a further downside.

BTC/USDT chart from last week
Current BTC/USDT chart

Last Week’s Performance


We had a great primary target for a LUNA short which unfortunately was missed, so we hit the secondary target at a retest. This was still a profitable 330% trade on only 10x leverage.

LUNA chart from last week
Current LUNA/USDT chart


One of the biggest trades from last week was on NEAR, short closing in a whopping 400% on only 10x leverage. We correctly identified the bearish engulfing candle after some indecision and entered. This one well and truly exceeded our expectations, thanks to BTC!


Easily my favourite trade of the week was on BABYDOGE. On a fundamental level, I have absolutely no idea what this coin even is or does and it sound ridiculous, but nevertheless the opportunity was there and we took it!

This short trade was identified in a TradeRoom live market scan and profits were taken at just under 500%. I still have some capital in this trade and have added to my position in the current relief rally. We’ll see how it plays out soon enough!

Screenshot from LIVE market scan

This Week’s Trades


As mentioned above, I’ve added to my BABYDOGE short position here, which could be an opportunity for a new trade entry. If this plays out, it could prove to be another 500% on only 10x leverage.



What we look for in a bearish market is the biggest relief rallies to present the better short entries. I think ATOM has painted a good push back to test previous support as resistance, and therefore presents great shorting opportunity here.


When BTC has large dumps like this, the volatility is increased for both up and down swings, making it far less predictable than in a stable market. Because of this, we generally think it is wise to reduce capital input during times of uncertainty.

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David Haslop

David Haslop

David is managing director at The Crypto Den - Australia's largest crypto and trading education group with over 55,000 members.

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