Trader Reveals Bull Market Peak May Be Within Reach By 2025

By Aaron Feuerstein February 21, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin’s recent surge past USD $52k raises speculation on reaching new all-time highs, with its last week’s close marking the highest since November 2021.
  • RektCapital suggests a positive Bitcoin trend, noting an early break of Four-Year Cycle resistance in the Pre-Halving period, hinting at potential new highs by mid-2025.
  • Despite the optimism, Swissblock anticipates a possible pullback due to the rapid 33% price increase.

Amid Bitcoin (BTC) breaking through the USD $52k (AUD $79.6k) price barrier recently, pundits are starting to wonder if we are seeing new all-time highs anytime soon. And while BTC has closed the past week at prices not seen since November 2021 (as Bitcoin Archive points out in the below chart), the question is: will number continue to go up?

Source: Bitcoin Archive/ TradingView/ X

Analyst Predicts Clear Horizon for Now

Popular crypto trader RektCapital suggests a positive outlook for Bitcoin, indicating that historically, Bitcoin tends to break its Four-Year Cycle resistance in the Halving year, and this cycle follows the pattern.

This time there’s an additional bullish signal as BTC has broken this resistance earlier than usual, in the Pre-Halving period. This could imply that Bitcoin might be on an upward trajectory rather than facing an imminent crash, as it shows strength and momentum ahead of the typical schedule.

Source: RektCapital/ TradingView/ X

RektCapital, with 400k followers, often shares important charts, including one suggesting the market’s peak within the next 518-546 days—making new all-time highs a possibility in mid-September to mid-October of 2025.

Source: RektCapital/ TradingView/ X

Pullback Always on the Cards

Meanwhile, we can expect choppy seas on our voyage to new highs. Whoever said bull markets are easy has never been in a crypto bull. The potential short-term retraces we can expect range anywhere between several percent up to 20-30% as seen in past bull runs.

Analysts of wealth managers Swissblock noted that the USD $52k barrier is looking like a pullback is close, hinting that the recent rise is too rapid and unsustainable; they said:

A pullback seems imminent and necessary given the recent rapid ascent of approximately 33% over the past few weeks, suggesting an unsustainable rally.


However, if bears are rejected and bulls chase them away, we may see some blood on the streets—on the streets of short sellers that is.

Also, it’s important to realise the distinction between cumulative positions and the actual outstanding amount at risk of liquidation. This distinction is crucial for accurate market analysis. Cumulative positions may include closed or partially closed trades, thus inflating the perceived risk.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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