Trader Confirms: Final Pre-Halving Week’s Pullbacks Pave Way for Imminent Rally

By Aaron Feuerstein February 08, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptos
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  • Crypto analyst RektCapital has pointed out on X that there’s just one week left in the Bitcoin pre-halving cycle before the pre-halving rally starts.
  • This means time is running out for lows to form which could be entry points for investors.
  • This pattern historically aligns with the market’s adjustment to reduced new supply ahead of the halving event.

Crypto trader and analyst RektCapital is known for insightful tweets and plotting helpful technical analytics. They have also followed the current Bitcoin pre-halving period and have now taken to X (formerly Twitter) to give an update on where we are in the cycle.

Rekt started the tweet with “Time is running out.”

The analyst points out that there is only a week left in the current cycle before the market potentially enters a phase of increased optimism and upward price movement leading up to the halving.

Historically, such rallies have been observed as markets adjust to the new supply dynamics, with investors often viewing the halving as bullish for the Bitcoin price due to the reduced rate of new supply hitting the market.

Source: RektCapital/ TradingView

The Bitcoin halving – a much-anticipated event in the crypto space – comes around every 210k blocks mined, roughly every 4 years. The halving sees rewards to miners for mining blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain halved (hence the name), meaning they receive less BTC for verifying transactions.

Time For Pullbacks Ends Soon: Pre-Halving Rally Prediction

Rekt explains that “Pre-Halving period” (in orange on the above chart) refers to the time leading up to this halving event. Historically, this period has been observed to have volatility and potential price pullbacks in the Bitcoin market as traders and investors anticipate the halving.

Rekt’s post suggests that this period is characterised by such pullbacks and is about to end in one week.

Then, following the end of the Pre-Halving period, their narrative expects a “Pre-Halving rally period,” depicted in light blue, to begin.

Based on historical patterns the price of Bitcoin often starts to rally or increase leading up to and following the halving event. This is due to reduced supply of new Bitcoins entering the market (because of the halving) and due to steady or increasing demand.

Of course, it should be noted that RektCapital based these assumptions on historical events and technical analysis.

For one, expecting history to exactly repeat itself is a flawed approach. For example, during the last halving we had Covid-19, market crashes and supply chain issues wreaking havoc on financial and crypto markets – external events are hard, if not impossible (in the case of a pandemic for example) to factor in.

Also, technical analysis (TA) should be taken with a grain of salt, TA usually represents the thoughts of individuals based on their own experience with the markets and is never meant to be taken as gospel – as always, do your own research.

Aaron Feuerstein

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