Tornado Cash Token (TORN) Surges 94% Following Bullish Protocol Updates

By Jody McDonald March 05, 2022 In DeFi, Ethereum, Privacy, Tornado Cash

The native token for the Tornado Cash protocol (TORN), an Ethereum-based privacy protocol, has surged 94 percent following the launch of its latest network updates.

Tornado Cash is a fully decentralised privacy protocol which enables anonymous transactions on the Ethereum network. The protocol achieves anonymity primarily by breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses when transactions are made.

Price Increase Follows Launch Of Relayers

The latest price action for TORN follows the adoption and implementation of the protocol’s 10th on-chain governance proposal, which saw the addition of relayers to the network:

The community voted overwhelmingly in favour of the proposal, which was accepted on February 19. Following the launch of relayers on March 2, the price of TORN spiked from around US$37 to around the $US67 mark.


What Are Relayers?

Tornado Cash relayers are community members who process withdrawal transactions and allow users to send transactions to accounts with no ETH balance – they are considered an important part of the protocol and improve users’ privacy. 

Relayers are compensated for their network services with a small portion of users’ deposits. Anyone can become a relayer, provided they meet the minimum balance requirement of 300 TORN and accept the terms and conditions.

TORN Gaining Momentum

The addition of relayers to the Tornado Cash protocol is a further boost following its integration of ETH layer 2 solution Arbitrum in December 2021, which saw a dramatic decrease in gas fees and improvements in transaction times:

The protocol was also recently assessed by DeFi safety, which found it to be highly secure – awarding Tornado Cash an overall score of 85 percent.

Jody McDonald

Jody McDonald

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