Top Crypto Analyst Unveils Winning Strategy for Gaming Bull Run

By Aaron Feuerstein February 15, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
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  • Miles Deutscher identifies crypto gaming as a lucrative opportunity, which could see crypto merging with an industry larger than movies and music combined.
  • Deutscher argues that blockchain can provide gamers with verifiable ownership of in-game assets and potential financial rewards, setting it apart from traditional freemium models.
  • He is optimistic about easy-to-use projects that bridge blockchain with gaming, likely to attract millions of new users.
  • Recommending a pyramid approach to investment based on risk tolerance, Deutscher suggests allocating only a set amount to select projects.

Australian crypto analyst Miles Deutscher reveals one of the most exciting bull market narratives—and no it doesn’t involve any ETFs, promised.

Deutscher’s bet is on crypto gaming, which would see the merger of crypto with an industry larger than that of the movie and music industries together, a massive opportunity for the sector.

And it’s showing no signs of slowing down, projected to hit $363 billion in revenue by 2028. Crypto has a MASSIVE opportunity to grab a slice of a huge liquidity pie.

Miles Deutscher

Crypto Has Lots to Offer Gaming Sector

According to the analyst, crypto can offer gamers verifiable ownership of in-game assets by leveraging the blockchain plus the potential to reward players financially—contrary to many freemium games which ask users to fork out extra cash for features.

He is also bullish on easy-to-understand projects which allow blockchain to game-world interactions and bring in millions of new users.


And because games take a long time to develop—with 2021/22 being the height for funding of crypto gaming development—the period from 2024 onwards is likely to see a number of new and exciting projects come out.

Deutscher also identified mobile games like Mavia to be a driving factor for the growth of the crypto gaming sector.

A Pyramid Approach to Investing

Deutscher recommends investors interested in the crypto gaming sector to allocate a set amount of their total portfolio depending on individual bullishness.

Firstly, before we even begin allocating to specific gaming projects, you have to calculate what % of your portfolio you want to allocate towards the gaming sector. This will depend on your bullishness vs other sectors, alongside your risk tolerance. For me, it’s ~10-15%.

Miles Deutscher

He takes a tiered approach to allocating funds, where the base is the lowest risk, in this category he puts gaming infrastructure (L1s, L2s, SDKs, etc.).

The middle with medium risk is for gaming studios, and the top with the highest risk, but the highest potential gains, is for individual crypto games.

Deutscher’s Recommendations

While Deutscher says his list of potential gems is too large to put in a single thread, he shares some of the projects he is most bullish on:

Immutable: Ethereum layer-2 with lots of content to be released, VanEck believes it eventually to be a top 25 coin by market cap.

VulcanForged: Blockchain ecosystem, features Elysium, Vulcan Studios and MetaScapes

EchelonFND: another ecosystem, watch out for the PRIME token

NakamotoGames: studio with loyal community and over 200 games

MaviaGames: Simple and addictive gameplay, 1m+ downloads, token made 4x since launch

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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