Top 3 Coins to Watch Today: YFI, ALICE, TLM – December 20 Trading Analysis

By Malik Junaid December 20, 2021 In Crypto News, Market Analysis, Trading

Let’s take a closer look at today’s altcoins showing breakout signals. We’ll explain what the coin is, then dive into the trading charts and provide some analysis to help you decide.

1. Yearn Finance (YFI)

Yearn Finance YFI is an aggregator service for decentralised finance (DeFi) investors, using automation to allow them to maximise profits from yield farming. Its goal is to simplify the ever-expanding DeFi space for investors who are not technically minded or who wish to interact in a less committed manner than serious traders. The platform makes use of various bespoke tools to act as an aggregator for DeFi protocols such as Curve, Compound and Aave, bringing those who stake cryptocurrency the highest possible yield.

YFI Price Analysis

At the time of writing, YFI is ranked the 83rd cryptocurrency globally and the current price is US$31,967. Let’s take a look at the chart below for price analysis:

Source: TradingView

YFI‘s 58% rally during mid-December saw a second leg after last week’s market-wide drop ran the previous consolidation’s stops.


The level near $34,576 is providing some resistance. However, continuation through the monthly high at $33,156 is not out of the question. Aggressive bulls might bid in the current region near $32,132. 

If the price runs the recent swing low, bulls might bid in the gap near $29,360. A deeper retracement could reach near the mid-September level and a gap near $28,190. The region near $27,753 and $26,935 may also provide some support during a deeper retracement.

2. MyNeighborAlice (ALICE)

ALICE is a multiplayer builder game where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and meet new friends. Inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, the game combines the best of the two worlds – a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience, as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

ALICE Price Analysis

At the time of writing, ALICE  is ranked the 154th cryptocurrency globally and the current price is US$12.18. Let’s take a look at the chart below for price analysis:

Source: TradingView

After accumulating under the November monthly open, ALICE rallied 105% in a week before retracing to support near $18.55. Buyers continue to snatch up dips under the weekly open, suggesting that accumulation is still taking place. 

Bulls could look for entries in this region while being conscious of a potential stop run below the cluster of lows at $13.17. Two areas of support, beginning near $11.57 and $9.29, provide probable buys if the price dips this low.

The equal highs near $15.63 provide a first reasonable bullish target. If the price takes this target and penetrates the surrounding resistance, the next probable resistance begins near $18.66. Possible targets include the old highs just above this resistance near $20.83, $21.46, and $22.39.

3. Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Worlds TLM is a decentralised, non-fungible token (NFT) metaverse where players compete for scarce resources of Trilium (TLM) in a simulated economy based around planetary worlds. Due to this, Alien Worlds also has a decentralised finance (DeFi) element to the game, as players advance by staking TLM and using TLM to vote in Planet Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). 

TLM Price Analysis

At the time of writing, TLM is ranked the 298th cryptocurrency globally and the current price is US$0.2113. Let’s take a look at the chart below for price analysis:

Source: TradingView

TLM formed relatively equal lows near $0.1924 after dropping over 45% during November. These lows could provide the target for another leg down, possibly finding support in the monthly gap of around $0.1785. 

If this sweep of the $0.1753 swing lows occurs, more aggressive bulls might begin bidding the weekly level near the swing low around $0.1644. Should the market take a more bullish turn, the level just below near $0.1563 could provide some short-term support.

The steep drop left large areas of inefficient price action, making the daily gap up to $0.2436 likely to be touched or filled. A sustained move through this resistance could visit a significant area on the monthly and weekly chart near $0.2605.

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