Three Crypto AI Projects Announce Merger To Form ‘The Superintelligence Alliance’ With New Token in the Works

By The Daily Hodl March 30, 2024 In Cryptocurrencies, (FET), Singularitynet (AGIX) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) are merging to create the largest independent player in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development.

In a statement, says it is melding minds with the two other blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to form The Superintelligence Alliance.

“The Superintelligence Alliance is a united stand against the big tech’s control over technology. We’re joining forces to change the game on how AI is created, shared, and used by everyone leaning into the principles of decentralization to accomplish an open and equitable form of AI.”

The objective is to enable the newly formed alliance to compete with leading centralized entities.


“The resources needed to win this competition are immense and the solution needs to be vertically integrated into the whole technology stack, including infrastructure like data management, AI Agents, and models and predictions. The Alliance brings together the skills and expertise of our respective companies in the pursuit of Superintelligence (ASI).

This is our first major step in our audacious mission of creating decentralized Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and ASI.”

The development will also see the creation of a new universal token to be called Artificial Intelligence (ASI).

“The combined value of the Alliance at signing is $7.5 Billion (theoretically ranking at #20 on Coinmarketcap)p with 2.631 Billion tokens and a starting price of $2.82, with FET as the benchmark currency.”

The respective tokens of the three projects made substantial gains following the announcement. OCEAN is now trading for $1.45, up by 5.90% over the past 24 hours. FET is priced at $3.32, up by 7.36% and AGIX is changing hands for $1.40, up by 6.82%.

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