The Foundation of the Future Are Starting: Metatime Enters a New Era with MainNet

By BeInCrypto December 22, 2023 In Cryptocurrency

The pioneer of the digital world, Metatime, has begun the countdown for the expected MainNet launch. This significant step, planned for December 21, 2023, aims to transcend the limits of blockchain technology and open the gates to a new era.

Embarking on a journey to maximize the possibilities brought by blockchain technology, Metatime is set to establish its massive blockchain, providing the ability to integrate into the Web3 world, execute smart contracts, and develop decentralized applications.

MainNet launch on December 21, 2023, will open the doors to the innovative MetaChain. MetaChain, aiming to provide its users with a unique experience, is already poised to shape the future of the digital world.

Exciting opportunities and developments for Metatime Coin are coming very soon, along with the updated roadmap to be released in the first week of 2024. In conjunction with the release of the roadmap, announcements for MetaDex and its versions are also scheduled for January. Metatime, preparing to implement its products consecutively, continues to provide benefits to its users through various events.


The activation of fresh tasks through Zealy, the implementation of miner systems, and the opportunities brought by the new year for Metatime Coin will be noteworthy for digital investors.

Don’t forget to follow the website and social media of Metatime to stay informed about the latest products, including new listings in the near future, for a project currently listed on Bybit and Bitget exchanges!

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