The DogeCar NASCAR Crashed on the Weekend, and So Did the DOGE Price

By Ben Carey June 22, 2021 In Crypto News, Dogecoin

A Dogecoin-sponsored car crashed into a wall at a NASCAR race on June 19, coinciding with a crash in the price of Dogecoin.

During a NASCAR Xfinity Series race in Nashville, US, the Dogecoin-sponsored Chevrolet Camaro collided with a wall, narrowly avoiding taking out another car in the process. The so-called “Dogecar” finished the race in last place.

But despite crashing out of the race, the Dogecar became a hot topic on Twitter, reaching #26 most trending worldwide. As one hopeful Reddit user noted, any publicity is good publicity. Then again, tell that to Iron Finance.

Dogecoin Price Mirrors Fate of Dogecar

The price of Dogecoin dropped to 26 US cents, its lowest in over a month. Source: TradingView

Around the same time as the car crash, the price of Dogecoin fell to 26 US cents, the lowest since May 19. It is unlikely there is much of a correlation between the two events, given that most of the market is in the red at the moment.


Dogecar Driver Remains Upbeat

The driver of the DogeCar, Stefan Parsons, waxed positive about the whole experience:

Thanks to everyone for the support this weekend. We’ll take the positives away and learn from it. Been a rough couple weeks but we will build on it and be better for next time! Proud of the whole @TeamBJMcLeod crew for the effort we showed this weekend.

Stefan Parsons

Dogecoin Price Has Been Diving for Months

The Dogecoin Army have long called for the cryptocurrency to hit US$1 which, until recently, seemed utterly impossible. But Dogecoin skyrocketed over 20,000% this year alone to an all-time high of 74 US cents on May 8. Since then, however, it has been travelling steadily south. Some analysts and traders consider Elon Musk going on Saturday Night Live to promote Dogecoin to be a blatant “top signal” not only for Dogecoin, but the entire crypto market.

As for the Dogecar result, it stands in stark contrast to last month’s top 10 finish for the Bitcoin car in this year’s Indianapolis 500 race.

Ben Carey

Ben Carey

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