Texas Turns to Bitcoin Mining – Goodbye Aluminum, Hello Cryptocurrency

There have been various crypto initiatives that started in Texas since 2017, and it seems that crypto-centered businesses are choosing this state as their home base.

In the meantime four mining facilities have been established in Texas, one of the instances was a small town called Rockdale which suffered massive economic losses due to the closure of the Alcoa Aluminum mine. A Bitcoin mining farm (Bitmain) then established itself in the town and aided the community by sourcing materials locally, job creation, and playing a role in the community.

Rockdale native and Bitmain project manager Clint Brown inside the former aluminum plant.

The Texas Bitcoin Rush

Northern Data Ag also building a 100-acre mining farm, as well as Layer 1 a mining startup, and the most recent by Argo Blockchain which will be running on the majority of renewable energy.

Klondike Gold Rush photo courtesy of PBS

Northern Data’s world leading Texas HPC data center is being constructed and expanded on an area of ​​more than 100 acres, which corresponds to the size of around 57 soccer fields.

Northern Data AG announces new 100 MW US customer

What Makes Texas so Attractive for Miners?

Texas has some of the lowest energy rates in the US which makes mining more affordable, and with a substantial portion of energy coming from wind turbines and natural gas so it’s more sustainable than states that rely mostly on fossil fuels. Yet due to the deregulated nature of the energy sector Texas does experience outages.

Yet the main reason for the influx could be due to Texas aiming to become the most favored state for blockchain innovation and investment in the US. A non-profit association of blockchain companies, Texas Blockchain Council, is working with legislators to promote blockchain initiatives, legislation, and in 2019 legislators passed two bills outlining the ability of local businesses to implement blockchain technology in bookkeeping and communications.

Texas has a long history of technological innovation and free-thinking entrepreneurs. We’ve now set our sights on becoming the jurisdiction of choice for investors, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to build and deploy blockchain technology applications and other emerging tech innovations.

Texas State Representative, Tan Parker

Even the availability of crypto ATMs in Austin and San Antonio where individuals can buy major cryptocurrencies shows the drive for crypto adoption.


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