TET listing on MEXC Exchange to reach more crypto traders, investors

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Mahe, Seychelles – TET, a token on Uniswap, is listing on the MEXC Exchange. It is a milestone for the Tectum project and may open opportunities for investors and traders worldwide.

The listing is scheduled for July 18 at 3 pm UTC.

MEXC Exchange has a robust trading infrastructure, high liquidity, and a wide range of trading pairs. With this move, TET aims to enhance trading capabilities and experience.

TET is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. It features SoftNote capabilities and is supported by its community. The token’s steady growth and positive market sentiment make it an attractive asset for investors seeking long-term global utility.


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By listing on MEXC Exchange, TET gains exposure to a network of traders, institutional investors, and crypto enthusiasts. This increased visibility and accessibility may help expand the TET ecosystem and catalyze adoption.

The TET team has been working to ensure a smooth listing process on MEXC Exchange. They are committed to ongoing support and maintaining transparent communication channels with the community throughout this phase.

For more information about TET and the upcoming listing on MEXC Exchange, please visit the official website, www.softnote.com.

Stay tuned for further updates on social media channels, including Twitter, , and Discord.

About Tectum:

Tectum SoftNote by CrispMind, a cybersecurity company, is a Bitcoin and crypto layer-2 solution that solves lightning network challenges. Tectum SoftNote relies on Tectum, a layer-1 blockchain. The mainnet has a transaction throughput of 1.3 million and offers users free instant, trustless, anonymous, and decentralized crypto payments.

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