Terra-Based Projects Begin Mass Exodus to Polygon After Terra Implosion

By Jody McDonald July 13, 2022 In Blockchain, NFTs, Polygon, Terra

More than 48 projects originally built on the Terra blockchain have begun to migrate to Polygon in the wake of Terra’s sudden collapse in May:

According to Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt, some of the projects migrating to Polygon include the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OnePlanet, the multiverse platform Lunaverse, and the play-to-earn-game Derby Stars.

OnePlanet’s Ark*One Initiative Spurs Migration

Following Terra’s collapse, OnePlanet launched an initiative known as Ark*One, whose purpose was to save innovative NFT projects built on the failed blockchain. Ark*One has been a driving force behind the migration from Terra to Polygon, with 48 NFT projects comprising 90 NFT collections having applied for financial and technical support through the initiative.

Applications to Ark*One closed on June 15. This date also marked the end of Polygon Studios’ financial support to the initiative. However, Ark*One will continue providing technical support to projects wanting to migrate from Terra to Polygon.


Why Polygon?

One of the main reasons so many Terra projects have chosen to migrate to Polygon is that it offered substantial financial support to entice projects. In the weeks after Terra’s collapse, Polygon Studios launched a multimillion-dollar fund specifically to attract projects from Terra onto the Polygon blockchain.

OnePlanet has also cited several reasons Polygon was an attractive destination, beyond simple financial support, writing in a blog post:

Taking into consideration the key factors such as mass adoption, market opportunities, stability and foundation-level support, we found that Polygon is currently the most prominent chain with so many big projects and entities onboarding … Moreover, Polygon has the low gas fee of $0.0025 on average and high throughput of being able to process up to 7,000 transactions per second, which shows huge potentiality to bring a larger audience to the chain. 

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